Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A (Mini) Make-Over

Disclaimer: a `narcissist' post' . Be forewarned!!

My hair was getting on my nerves... ever since I daringly went to an unknown new (but slightly cheaper) hair stylist who exuded much confidence in making my hair nicer; but his heavy layered cut made it more frizzy and big!

Many people noticed and commented.. :( So just two weeks after a haircut, I decided to go for another hair cut at my trusted hair-stylist, Grace Salon.
On Saturday noon itself, I made a drastic decision to have a total re-style and to chop off at least 4-5 inches of hair. It took me about two years to reach that length.
But no regrets. The result was more than satisfactory. I felt much lighter and trendier. ;)



The next day - Sunday - since I had the afternoon free, I went for a pedicure session. The foot treatment itself took a much longer time than colour application. As CNY is not far away, I decided to be `bold' and go with the festive colour (I usually stay away from red varnish) I also got nail art done on the big toes-! Had tried twice before and loved it! :D

Toe Nails Make-Over

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