Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Gotta Curb My COBS

In case you're wondering, COBS is the acronymn for `Critical Owl-ish Behaviour Syndrome' - a term I just made up to describe my now worsening habit of sleeping late.

By late I don't mean 1am or 2am. No, not even 3am. I have been sleeping no earlier than 4am everyday for the past five nights!!

Why? I don't know. Not that I've been out painting the town red until the wee hours of the morning. So, what do I do? Errr... mostly in front of the computer - checking emails, reading blogs, just generally surfing the web. I would shower at 3am and then read the papers before calling it a night.

Ok, I am quite lucky in that I can actually walk into office after lunch if there is no early assignment. May be that liberty of flexi-hours at work had spoil me in my lifestyle and discipline especially when it comes to the sleeping hours.

And somehow, I love the quiet wee hours of the morning when the whole neighbourhood is asleep and only me and my two Js are awake. Yeah, my poor dogs are now nocturnal creatures (like their mommy), especially Jelly which gets put to sleep in her crate only at 3am. Jojo too, would be awake to play with me or get fed with treats sometime near 3am.

Fun? well, not really... today I think I am feeling the toll of it... (sounds like de javu as I've blogged about this before some time last year) Today is a public holiday and I decided to give myself a break as I have completed two deadlines yesterday. So I took it easy. Decided to just accompany dad to do some furniture and electrical items shopping (or more like browsing) but by the time we got home at five something, I felt really unwell... tired and worse of all, my runny nose was getting from bad to worse.

I planned to take the two Js for a walk but couldn't even do but luckily my dad took Jojo and i asked my maid to take Jelly. Sigh..

Although sleeping earlier was not stated under my
New Year R&R (reflections and resolutions) but it falls under the `SPG challenge' - ie. having self-control and not over indulge in whatever I do.

In this case, letting the COBS set in and living a `noctunal lifestyle'.

I decided that I will go to sleep latest by midnight tonight, and get up at 9:15am to get ready to watch the press preview of Memoirs of the Geisha. (update: didn't get to go as didn't feel well at all in the morning... though I slept before 1am. Finally slept again till 1pm!)

I actually sacrificed Oliver Twist yesterday morning because I simply could not wake up so early when I went to be at 4am. And I really wanted to go and planned to sleep by 2am at least however, I just didn't manage, somehow...

Gosh, before this COBS becomes ingrained in me (it is almost there!) I have to curb it....!!


Chipmunkrock said...

you can also enjoy the quiet of the morning if you sleep early and then wake up early..

jesscet said...

I know.. i know.. the spirit is willing but the (owlish) flesh is weak..

all-aboard! said...

i was thinking about that phrase a few days ago...actually i think in most cases where we can't do stuff, it's the spirit that's unwilling... cos if u really wanna do something, ur flesh won't stop you (like staying awake til wee hours of the morning, for instance).. so we blame our flesh too much for our lack of spirit..

jesscet said...

hmm.. yeah u have a point there! in my case, it's the spirit that is weak.. thus not WILL-ing enough and succumbed to the flesh.

but now i am resolute to make my spirit williing to stop the `COBS'!

jaytea said...

was having a sleepless night on mon night/tues morn. didn't sleep till almost 4. was wondering whether or not to call you for supper at petaling street.
btw, mind was running around actively thru the night, prob due to having coffee in the morn and tea in the aftn.

jesscet said...

poor JT. better stop those caffeine intake or else u're picking up my COBS!

supper at Petaling Street at those unearthy hours? u serious??!

all-aboard! said...

I know Chipmunk used to make a trip down to Petaling street religiously (every?) morning at about 5 am to eat fish porridge... For him, marriage cured him of that habit!