Thursday, January 12, 2006

*Sniff! Sniff! Cough! Cough!* - And Some News...

Yeah, the title said it all. I have been ill..and still am. First it was slight sore-throat, which developed into a bad cold. And now as the cold is finally going away, the throat got irritated and itchy, and I am now coughing away quite badly. The voice has changed a bit too.. :(

Ok, enough of my illness.. I went back to work today after resting at home yesterday with M.C. The first news that greeted me was that I've missed a `compulsory briefing' from our CEO and GEIC (group-editor-in-chief).

Oops! I heard about the meeting on Monday but have just totally forgotten about it! Anyway, since almost everyone was talking about it at 2pm, I found a trusted colleague and got more info from her. Yeah, it is about the
Malay Mail's future. And if you want to know, it is been updated in Jeff Ooi's post , an interesting blog that serves as a political and media watchdog that NSTP server has barred.

Being in the entertainment desk, guess I'm not really affected by this change since what the `new Malay Mail' will focus on is entertainment and sports. But I'm not so keen on the idea of a newspaper for the 15-29 age group. How much is it going to be different from others existing entertainment/sports publication targetted at the young market?

It is kinda sad too.. Only recently our desk (Buzz/Entertainment) has an internal revamp and things are looking more bright as more articles from us reporters have been churned out rather than using foreign wire features. We have been working well as a team and in the latest appraisal, my ed even verbally said he would recommend me for a promotion. But now... with this massive change in management a totally new `revamp' to the paper, I really don't know what is going to happen..

One thing we - employees of NSTP - can all do is to apply for the VSS (Voluntary Separation Scheme) which the company is offering. But then, like the same situation about two years ago, only very few who applied actually got it because the bosses already had a list of the people they wanted to `get rid of'. This time, rumours said that it's gonna be senior staff (read: editors and higher-ranking editorial staff) that will be welcomed to leave.

Personally I am more keen to be offered the VSS than to work with this new, young, entertainment and sports newspaper. Also, now that MM is going to be a company by itself, if the `new paper' doesn't do well, there is every chance for it to be sold out or be folded. The security just aint there..

To think of it, it's probably worth it (monetary wise) to go as I would have been in the company for more than 11 1/2 years come end of April. Gosh, it is that LONG already. May be it IS about time to move on....

You know, it has been a dream at the back of my mind these few years to go to study in a seminary (in Malaysia, not overseas) In fact that was what I had in mind when I applied for the previous VSS. But then I didn't get it so the `dream' was put on hold...

Now, it looks like another chance is at hand.. And to be honest, I always wonder how long I would want to continue the fun but frivolous career of an entertainment journo.

Whatever it is, I know I have to seek God's direction first. I need to pray hard on what He wants me to do in life now that this whole thing is coming up...But I would not worry or fret, and just leave everything into His mighty hands.

Do pray with me too...


lynnee said...

how about the other nstp publications such as bh/hm/bt?

jesscet, do you have msn/yahoo?

jesscet said...

hi lynnee,

NSTP's other publications are not affected at all. Only MM has this major `revamp' (read: selling out - in a way lah) But all across the board are being offered VSS.

Yeah, you can add me: or

(but i can't access MSN at office - usually online late at night! :p)

hope to chat with u soon!

lynnee said...

thanks! i've added u to both my msn & yahoo :)

i'm usually online from work on weekdays & only online from home on weekends...

we'll chat later then ;)