Saturday, January 07, 2006

Some uncertainties, some exciting times ahead..

It's just the first working week and I'm already swamped with assignments and deadlines!!

No kidding.. I have like four stories to complete between now and Tuesday or so.. and more to come. Take last night's `The 3rd Generation', billed as Malaysia's first art film in Cantonese. Gosh, it was a LONG assignment - from exclusive interviews to movie premiere and the latest press conference I've been to at 11:45pm. Ended up coming home at 2am because I had rush back to office after that and do a newstory as well and they didn't even credit me. :(

It's weekend but there will be no rest. Another busy one that is filled with social commitments and work assignments. Looks like this will be the order of the day till CNY.

However, just now I had a meaningful time at the CCF thanksgiving night.. its our annual combined meeting for fellowship and yes, thanksgiving to God - where we had some dinner, worship, some sharings and prayer together. It was good to see the gathering of many of members and new friends - it was a time to reflect what the past year has been, renew resolutions for the new year and above all to be reminded of God's faithfulness in ourlives.

From the sharings, looks like many people are convicted to have a fresh start this year, and to be convicted of a closer walk with the Lord in the year to come.
On a more serious note, our newspaper is now facing a lot of uncertainties. The rife rumours that we had been hearing on MM being sold to another media group now looks mostly a fact, even half-confirmed by the GEIC (group editor in chief) But what I just heard today was the paper might be shut down and some editorial staff will be absorbed into NST while others might face VSS (voluntary separation scheme) options.

But the thing is no one knows what is happening, even most editors are kept in the dark and there are many speculations. There are various reacitons ranging from defiant to anxiety to nonchalant. Just signed a petition campaign against the `sell-out' mooted by some NUJ (National Union of Journalists) committe.

However, like one colleague put it, we should just continue to do our job and no point getting worried over something we can't do anything about. Guess i should be praying about this and commit my future career to God, although I normally don't pray that much over my work situation...

On a happier note, I am simply thrilled and excited that I am planning to go on a trip with World Vision to visit my sponsored child in Yunnan, China. Ever since adopting the boy about six years ago, it has been my `secret wish' to meet him one day. We have been communicating at least once a year and it was a joy to see him grow physically from a small, wimpy looking four year old to a tall, strong 10-year-old boy.

So, when I received an email today saying that WV child-sponsoring group is organising a five-day`sponsor trip' to theYunnan Yunsheng project area in March, I knew I definitely want to go! I was planning to travel in that month anyway, thinking of going to Hong Kong to see my niece but since they will be back for Easter, it is like God giving me the opportunity to go to see my sponsored child Zhang Jian and the visit the community he lives in! It would be a great experience and an enriching trip.

I did enquire further and to my relief, unlike the rough travel condition of some mission trips, we will be put up in decent hotel but the only thing was we need do quite a bit of walking. Mom is keen to come and she was the one who first suggested we should go visit Zhang Jian one day. However, I don't know whether she could cope with the physical demand of the trip. We'll see but I'm definitely on! :)

Before I sign off, just a little update on the Js. They have been more active today since thier `gong gong' and `por por' are home. And tomororw, they will be going for their first `dental appointment' finally - as the vet has been busy.

Yeah, since birth, this mommy has neglected their oral hygiene! The two Js have never gone for teeth cleaning so now they have tar on their teeth that need to be removed. They will have be put under anaesthesia and they need to miss their main meal in the morning. So just now I fed them and they seemed hungry. Hope the procedure will go smoothly.

Time to hit the sack to get ready for more busy (and exciting) days ahead....


The Great Swifty said...

First Cantonese art film in Malaysia? Really? What about those stuff by James Lee? I just feel that the term 'art film' is highly subjective. Usually used to describe aethestically-pleasing (that's rather debatable) non-mainstream films ala Wong Kar Wai's works, or in America, non-mainstream films that are shown in arthouse cinemas (instead of those cineplexes), knowing that 'art' films are generally non-profitable, I find it strange that the filmmakers of 'The Third Generation' would label their own film as an 'art' film. Let alone, the first ever in Malaysia.

boo_licious said...

saw u on telly last nite! The camera swung your way a few times esp during the part when raymond lam and the other chap was hugging those girls on stage looking for their mother.

jesscet said...

e.s.> well, i wondered myself too but that's what they claim it to be. it's meant to showcase malaysian chinese culture/tradition in an arty way but so far most of us who watched it found it to be a real let down. But the director has big ambition to take it to international market.. oh if u r interested, read my story in MM coming Thursday.

boo> REALLY?! My mom said she couldn't see me at all. was quite fun and during the P.C., Chi-Lam (Julian Cheong) smiled at me and later flirted verbally when I asked him a question...! He's really cute and charming.. esp in Point of No Returns.. ;)

Mike said...

Hi, just chanced on your website. I read a review of 3rd generation recently in this website -

Quite interesting, wonder if you agree with it..Mike

jesscet said...

Thanks for the link - an interesting site too! Yep, I totally agree with the reviewer.. the movie is just aesthetically pleasing and nothing more! Check out my colleague's review

The Great Swifty said...

My review of The 3rd Generation.

The Great Swifty said...

I forgot to mention, that review was meant to be sarcastic.