Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Shopaholics Strike Sunway!

With a newly-found shopaholic partner, I went on a shopaholic spree on Monday!

The timing was a candid coincidence for it was the premiere of a Hong Kong CNY movie `The Shopaholics' that night. In between the meet-the-media session and the movie premiere, we had more than three hours to `kill'. Don't expect us who live far off to rush back home or go back to office during peak hours and then to come back all the way again for the movie at night.

Since we were at Sunway Pyramid. Wasn't it a god-given opportunity to shop? Somemore CNY is just around the corner!

That was exactly what I had in mind already, and it happened that fellow journo Jessabell also had the same `great idea' in mind (hehe, great minds think alike). So, after the press conference and a satisfying Chinese `high tea', we both went on a shopping spree!

The CNY mandarin orange decor at Sunway Pyramid Concourse
It was a blessing that I had Jessabell with me, for she knew all the right shops at Sunway Pyramid as she lives in Subang! Because of its location, I had never shopped in that place per se although of course I've been there a number of times mainly for work-related stuff..

Lets see.. we started off looking at some earrings at some small kiosk-like shops which had a myriad choice of beautiful dangling earrings (yearh, I'm into that recently) at good bargain prices. I ended up buying three pairs and Jessabell bought one.

But soon, she caught up with me.. and soon, I realised that I've met my match! Here is one true swift and smart shopper! She knew all the shops with the nicest stuff and nicest prices! And when she enters a shop, she can pick up the most attractive products in the shortest time. Like me, she follows her hearts desires if the price tag is right. She ended up buying three pair of shoes - of which two pairs are of the same design but differnt colours!

Lets see..in less than three hours, among the shops we thronged and browsed through included MNG, Espirit, Miss Selfridge, U2, SEED, MCKY, Nose, Vincci, Nike, another sports shop which I don't remember the name.. and maybe a few more which we stepped foot in and out again.

Gosh, I was so `ulu'. My impression of Sunway Pyramid was something like a slightly upmarket Sungai Wang with all local fashion for the young ah-lians and ah bengs.

Finally I didn't manage to get my CNY outfit - it's not easy to find nice clothes that flatter and fit me. But I got my earrings, a stylish purple hat (yep, a hat but not the rimmed type), a gorgeous pair of shoes for formal occasions - picked up by the sharp eyes of Jessabell, a Nike water bottle, a cute owl t-shirt (my suitable mascot ;))... I think that's it.

I think Jessabell spent more than me as she also got a nice Nike bag (on discount) for her brother. Not forgetting her THREE pairs of shoes and a few other small items.

Jessabell and me happily clutching our shopping bags while having a rest..

And guess what? we went into the cinema carrying several huge plastic bags - how appropriate for the movie theme! But of course our so-called shopaholism pales in comparsion to Cecilia Cheung's chronic shopaholic syndrome in the movie. It is quite scary actually..

I would recommend anyone - especially shopaholics - who wants a good laugh to go watch it. It's creative, simply fun and hilarious though quite over-the-top (like most HK comedies) Read more about it in my article in
MM on Thursday! :p

So it was a fruitful and satisfying shopaholic experience (but of course we did exercise restrains or else the things we bought would be much more!) It was fun shopping with Jessabell the `shopping sifu', and we agree that we would do it again next time when we have nice assignments like this!