Saturday, January 28, 2006


Bow Wow From Jojo and Jelly!

As I'm posting this, we're just at the brink of entering into the year of the `Fire Dog'! Yeah, dog, my favourite animal in the zodiac. Or rather, my favourite animal of all! :)

The new year eve reunion dinner was a result of `division of labour'. Dad cooked the CNY soup - our family's secret recipe passed down from generation (basically it's lots of pork, Chinese mushroom, cuttle fish and dates); mom prepared a drunkard chicken dish based on recipe in the newspaper, I cooked up a dish (first time experiment - see pic below); the maids prepared the fish, prawn and vegetable. Uncle meanwhile brought roast duck and char siew.

Spot the difference? Enter the roast duck on the right!

Sea cumbeber, mushroom and dried oyster pot - the dish that I made. It tastes much better than it looks! :p

The guys relaxing after dinner having eaten too full...Jelly joined in too.

Thought I would be having a nice easy long break in KL as we didn't plan to travel. Then over reunion dinner, uncle mentioned that he and my cousins (not his children but that of another aunty) would be going to Koh Samui on Monday evening. A cousin of mine runs a travel agent and he's always taking out-bound tours during festive seasons, and his families would go along too.

Checked with him and indeed there are some seats left on the chartered flight and the best thing is I don't have to pay for the flight but only for accommodation and meals! Pretty good deal. Since I'm pretty much free..and I also have not been to Koh Samui before, I decided to join them!

So yes, I will be on a vacation from Monday evening till Thursday evening. Probably will miss a few angpows though. :p To think of it, this is probably the most `last minute' trip for me.. less than 48 hours `notice'. :p

Have been hearing quite a lot of fireworks in the neighbourhood since evening time..and I know it won't stop till wee hours in the morning! This is a real `Cina' area and last year, many homes even defied the law and burned the banned fire crackers!!

My poor dogs, especially Jojo.. He's most terrified of fire crackers and fire works.

And considering this is his year.. (so to speak lar), yet he's not really enjoying it!

A Happy and Blessed Chinese New Year to one and all! :)

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