Monday, January 23, 2006

For The Animals...

A tour of SPCA Selangor...

Some of the dogs when let out of their cages

Three adorable pups in a cage..

A friendly smiling dog

Later.. at the Rally

United for animals

Ling and I

Singing for the animals together

Gloria with her pretty pooch/bag

Freddy and SPCA's Sabrina with the smart border coliie


"How many roads must an animal walk
To find a place to call home

How many seas must a seagull cross
To find an ocean pristine

Listen, how many cases must be brought to our courts

Before our hearts learn to bleed

The answer my friend, is in your hands,
the answer is in your hands

How many years can an animal exist
Before it's allowed to be free

How many wails must pass through our ears
Before we actually hear
How many times can a man turn his head

And pretend he just doesn't see
Let the answer my friend not come too late
Let the answer not come too late."

- sung to the tune of Bob Dylan's `Blowin' In The Wind'

That was the rally theme song which we sang at SPCA at the Remembering Sheena Campaign Rally. We joined hands and sang together.. and indeed the simple lyrics.

It was a hot Saturday afternoon. Ling Feng and I were punctual - we met at ISKL and walked 10 minutes to SPCA (then found out others just parked along the raod) Anyway, we were `early' as only few had come on time. So I took the opportunity to visit the compound of SPCA. Ling had been there a few times and she took me around.

I had always tried to visualise in my mind what SPCA is like.. and although I was mentally prepared for what I would see, still it was heart-rendering to see SO many abandoned dogs (and cats but they're less).. most of them were so friendly and they actually came to us, wagging tails and wanted to be friends.. or rather, be taken home.

Was impressed that as I was snapping photos of some puppies, a girl (who was there as a participant) took up the job of a volunteer and cleaned up the soiled newspaper. Although I am a dog lover but I must be honest and ask whether I will indeed do all these `dirty jobs' for them.. indeed at some places, it can get really smelly.

Anyway, about half an hour later, we gathered at the main entrance where a large banner (see pix) had been hung. The media was there! And I saw our NSTP photographer but the MM news reporter was not there.. another reporter from NST was here but she (a Malay) refused even to enter to see the dogs saying she didn't like dogs. Well.. how clever of the ed? send a wrong person to such an assignment?

We posed for photographs - holding placards which Ling made, and some posters. We chanted a few times `Justice For Animals!' and raised our hands just for the shots. For once I was at the other side of the coin so to speak.. So happy that I met a reporter from a Chinese press whom I knew from newsdesk time and she was the one who took all those pix for me!

We had a few celebrities there - besides REDfm deejay Ida Mariana and 8TV Quickie host Adam Carruthers, Susan Lankester is an avid supporter who helps actively in the campaign and Miss Malaysia/World 2004 Gloria Ting showed up with her pooch (a Shi-tsu mixed) in a designer dog bag! With make-up, Gloria attracted attention looking every bit a star, unlike Susan who was dressed more like a NGO volunteer!

We also had Jojo's former trainer from MKA - Freddy Lim and wife - giving us a demonstration of obedience training on their dogs - a Border Collie and a Miniature Shnauzer. How I wished my dogs could have half their skills - maybe one-quarter is sufficient! ;)

To me, the singing of the song was the most memorable moment, because you could really hear everyone was singing and from the bottom of their heart and believing in the message it conveys.

Just read on the blog that the rally managed to collect
4,589 signatures. I must confessed I signed twice - first it was when I got my Dog Calendar and then I signed again on Saturday!! :p

I was hoping to read about this in MM today but there was nothing! Also nothing in the NST! How disappointing.. which proved the pint in my earlier post correct. The Star Metro meanwhile carried a story (i'm in the photo :p) although I didn't remember meeting their reporter there. So, although one day later than The Star, I wanted this to be highlighted on my paper so I approach the ed and he was ok about it. I wrote it in a first person point of view.. thus a different style from The Star.

Read about the rally in the paper tomorrow (Tues) as I doubt the news would make it online..

update: oh, it did come out online! without pictures though.. here's the link!


curiousmind said...

excellent, excellent, excellent....finally a voice given to the animals!! i hope the good work much animal abuse must we witness before we realise that animals have rights too. well done! I feel like hugging some one now ;)

jesscet said...

Yep! and thanks curiousmind for your comment and encouragement! In fact, with all these issues relating to dogs/animals coming up - i'm glad to say the local media is giving it more highlight! In fact Sunday Mail will have a dog cover on 1st day of CNY - serious issues and i'm contributing a piece.

one worry is that there'll be more abandoned dogs soon as many ppl are simply getting a `cute dog' for the Year of the Dog! Am interviewing a vet/president of m'sian association of responsible pet ownership who wants to highlight this issue..

curiousmind said...

during one of the days when I volunteered at spca, I met a lady who wanted to return a pup which she had adopted from the organisation a couple of weeks earlier. her excuse?something about the pup bringing bad-luck. how stoopid is that?
btw, sorry to hear about your lap-top.