Monday, January 30, 2006


Just went to my brothe-in-law's blog and lo and behold! He has just updated it - his blog consist of very well-taken photos after photos of the kids. They are some really cute photos of my darling niece Alexis, who is also fondly known as `miu miu' (from her Chinese name)

So.. I couldn't resist but to `steal' some of them and post them here..

Isn't she adorable? So expressive and very photogenic too.. hehe, may be she will grow up to be a model or Miss Hong Kong!

Really miss her and her brothers... can't wait till they're back in April! But meanwhile, will just feast my eyes on those pretty pix! ;)

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Sheena Alsation said...

Yes she certainly is adorable. With her cheeky smile. Great shots of her by the way.

Shoba Mano
Remembering Sheena Campaign