Friday, January 20, 2006

Gyming - two weeks later!!

Finally went to the gym last night (Wed) after two weeks! Sigh.. busyness (also lazyness I suppose) and a flu prevented me from doing so sooner.

Didn't see any
PDA couples this time round. Maybe I was quite late - I was there from 8:30-10:30pm) and for once I didn't feel castrophobic. And I felt good after exercises. Indeed I should make an effort to go more regularly ie. twice a week.

Exercise diary: (that's the reason I wrote this post so I can have a record of my exercise regime.. err.. what regime?)

1. 33 minutes on the treadmill - burnt 245 calories
2. Precore stretching
3. 20 abduction/ 20 adduction
4. 10 eagle chest press
5. 70 sit-ups on the sit-up apparatus

Oh, i am capable of writing a short post! :D

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