Friday, August 25, 2006

Pix filler

Gave up writing a post on dad's birthday dinner tonite. It was taking ages to uploads the many pix! Well, that would come later. In the mean time, here is just a `narcissist filler post' with a couple of pix showing my new hair-do ;P

This was taken at dinner just now

With Tan Soo Suan, the resident soprano of Dama Orchestra and my (occasional) vocal teacher! This lady has an amazing voice! Just finished an interview on their upcoming production `Butterfly Lovers'.


jaytea said...

hey cet, you're a "gentleman blogger"!

HL said...

jt: what's a gentleman blogger?

et: hey the new haircut looks good on you. not so frizzy oredi hor? ;) btw u heard about all the Twins drama?

jaytea said...

“Wild Wild Web are bloggers who hide and shoot but are afraid to come out in the open for confrontation,” he said.
“If they are truly gentlemen and responsible (for what they blogged), they should show themselves.”

sorryla, hl - you NOT gentleman blogger

jesscet said...

jaytea: hehe, what a cute description. well, am never camera shy. ;) so that makes HL a wid wild web?

hl: thanx :) my new hairstyle is also easier to manage! yep, heard of Twins saga of course. it's even frontpage news in local chinese paper and i wrote something in MM too. will email u the link but no pix on the web.

HL said...

there's never anything in my posts to be confronted about ;) no shooting either...

daybee said...

Gorgeous new hairstyle! ;) I think I caught your bugs from last week over the Internet... arghh!! LOL.

The Twins Saga indeed. A tad blown out of proportion although understandable but not too surprising coming from HK media anyway! Did you write about it? Would love to read!

jesscet said...

daybee: thanx :) hope you feeling better now.

Yes, wrote about Twins but was piqued that whoever subbed the story not only cut it short but made factual error by changing my original words! here's the link but u have to type it out as it's too long to come out..

daybee said...

Jesscet - thanks for the article! ;) Isn't it annoying when someone makes an error and changes your original words?