Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Two Calendar Stars for 2007

I have just submitted photos of Jojo and Jelly to be featured in the Dog Calendar 2007!

Last year, I met the animal-loving Sherrina K, who spearheaded the dog and cat calendar project. So I promptly sent in a photo of the two Js to be featured in this year's first Dog Calendar. And yes, I blogged about it. A few months later, I wrote about it again when the calendar was out! And finally I even posted the the photo of their page in the calendar!

I have almost forgotten about next year's calendar until the topic was brought up with a pet shop owner on Sat. Funny this year's calendar is in front of me all the time and yet I could overlook it... :p

This time, I decided to give Jojo and Jelly their own page. :) While I knew which one of Jelly to submit, it was not so easy for Jojo as he doesn't like to pose for pictures! I thought of posting the two photos here but then I thought let the photos be a `surprise' to all.. :p

Those of you who would like to have your doggie featured in the calendar, I think it's still not too late! But you have to act fast. Drop an email to ksherrina@gmail.com and include your dog's photo and name, your name and a short caption of not more than 15 words. Yep, it's that simple! btw, she mentioned before she would like more non-pedigree dogs!

Hurry, so your dog can be a calendar star too! ;)


klubbkidd said...

awww gawd... more about your dogs?
like we don't have enough of it in the office???!!! lorddddddd

jesscet said...

haha, is that supposed to be funny? at least my dogs are lovable unlike ppl i have to look at in office.. ;)