Saturday, August 05, 2006

Month of Entertainment!

August is the month of concerts!

The Malaysia entertainment calendar is packed to the brim. Every weekend there are surely some concerts being staged either in Kuala Lumpur or other parts of Malaysia; and Genting Highland is hosting the bulk of it.

Since most of the artistes are from the Chinese music scenes, that means I'll be covering them.. and I could more or less choose the ones I prefer to go unless it's ordered by my editor.

Here is how it looks:

August 5 - Jim Brickman in Genting - going (did a cover story and contest)
August 6 - Gary Cao Ge's showcase in KL
- going (he's up-and-coming)
August 12 - 8TV's Summer Live concert (featuring Taiwan, HK and local artistes) in JB - going (quite big and 8TV is under Media Prima)
August 12 - Harlem Yu in Genting - not going
August 18 - INXS in KL
- colleague going
August 18-19 - Twins in Genting
- going only if boss insists
August 25-26 - Paula Tsui in Genting - too old for our readers ;p
August 26 - Eason Chan in KL - going!

Quite a lot right? And not to mention the performing arts fraternity are also having musicals and plays such as PGLtM, Refugee Images, The Two of Us, Broken Bridges etc...(on the first day of the month, mom and I caught Grandissimo - featuring local and Taiwanese soprano and a talented youth orchestra from Taiwan). I hope to catch some of these show but not PGLtM since I've already watched it earlier in the year. Will recommend those who haven't gone to go though.. it is good!

Oh, I also got two comp tix for Starlight Cinema. But looking at my schedule.. don't think will have time for that and have already watched most of the movies anyway..

So it looks like another of those `entertainment overload' periods.. It might sound like fun but I guess I treat it as half-half (ie. half work, half leisure)
compared to some of my colleagues who think of it as just work!

Will see how I survive, as there are also other work to be done, as well as church commitment which can't take a back seat. And not to forget my exercise regime!!

Guess who I will be watching tonight? Yep, the talented pianist who unabashedly celebrates romance...

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