Thursday, August 03, 2006

Feel So Good!

After more than two months of absence in the gym, I finally went for a workout this evening!

I just had to. I feel so unfit, and the weighing scale and measuring tape are showing alarming figures.. yes, due to over-eating and lack of exercise, I have piled on the weight to an all time high!! It's really distressing - I can't even fit into half of my clothes!

The last two months had been pretty chaotic. Various factors - work schedule, World Cup, other commitments and travelling - had prevented me from going to gym. Of course I could have made extra effort but I just didn't.. felt too tired.

But I remember that I am paying a substantial monthly fee for my gym membership so I better make use of it again!

It was packed as usual during the peak hours but I managed to find a machine for cardio - not sure what it's called but it's like pedalling standing up. Quite good to start off after not exercising for so long. It wasn't too strenuos. But I couldn't get hold of a treadmill anyway..

As I was pedalling and puffing away, I was thinking this. It's soooo easy to pile on the calories on some yummy food but it takes time and real effort just to burn them away! Why, it took me more than 30 minutes to work off the same amount of calories I would easily consume in a nice meal.

Anyway, here is the brief summary of my workout:

Cardio: 32 minutes / 300 calories
Weight training on five machines
70 sit-up on the apparatus

After I showered, I felt so refreshed and good! Exercising is definitely essential..

I have to do this more often. I can't be too ambitious so I target to go gym a minimum of twice a week. If time permits, I would go three times..

And of course, at the same time, I HAVE to cut down on what I eat.. :/


littleguybigkitchen said...

hmm... gud effort there. i haven't hit the gym in centuries. lolx i only watch ... and played badminton n swimming. :P

jesscet said...

playing badminton and swimming are also exercises! i really hope to keep up the `gud effort' ;)

Anonymous said...

try bodypump, steps or bodycombat, time passes quicker when you're having fun working out at the GX studio.

i usually cheated on the cardios, hehe...20 minutes i will find an excuse to stop. then again, my thunderthighs and my enormous butt said otherwise. *tsk..

food food Oh glorious good food.
I know what you mean.


jesscet said...

hi! i went for spinning tonite! yes, would like to try the other groupx classes too. Used to do that during Sweat Club time! are u still part-time working at CF?