Thursday, August 17, 2006

One More.. and More to Come!

If June-July's posts were dominated by World Cup. No prize for guessing what my August's blog looks like!

Tomorrow I'll be covering yet another concert! No, it's not INXS - that my colleague is more qualified to cover than me.. and no one else on my desk would be able to make head or tales over a Canto-pop concert than yours truly.

I'm going to Genting (yes, again) to watch Twins' concert! The ever so popular HK girl group who appeals mainly to teenyboppers.

They have a reputation for singing out of tune live! Well, I will listen intently and will have no mercy if they really fall short of it.. (evil laughter). Anyway, no denying that they're pretty hot and as a paper dedicated to the young people, my boss thinks we should write about their first concert in Malaysia.

Will be going with the coach for a change and stay over night..

Went for Starlight Cinema with friends at Sentul Park just now. watched the silly comedy `Just My Luck'. The screen was quite big and clear but the sound system was not good enough for such a huge space. Most of the time I read the Chinese subtitles! We had food and drinks, and sat on the straw mat I bought from a street vendor some years back! ;)

Weekend is looming but more work is also looming..

Speaking of concerts, there's one concert this month I really look forward to - Eason Chan next Sat! And thank goodness it's in KL!


daybee said...

Enjoy Twins! ;)

I don't know how much I'd enjoy Twins if I were there. I know I wouldn't pay to see them... it may just turn out to be a kids' show!

They were the one ones on in HK when I was there but I still refused to go!

Are they bringing any guest stars with them?

HL said...

hehe enough of travelling for now huh?

jesscet said...

daybee: as expected, Twins' concert was a bore - for me at least! They can't sing. It was more like a variety show than a concert but they do have their fans.. their guest artiste was Kenny Kwan (former Boyz)

hl: yep, tell me about it...

daybee said...

Jesscet - it would've been somebody from EEG as their guest star... not surprised it was Kenny but I thought they might've taken along Vincy who's this year's newcomer (from EEG, that is)

Oooh yes, Twins has a huge fanbase

jesscet said...

daybee: no idea who Vincy is even! You really know your stuff, hehe, u're more than qualified to be a Chinese ent reporter!

anyway, i thought Kenny could sing better than Ah Sa and Ah Kiu.

daybee said...

Jesscet, hahaha! I am the least qualified person to be a Chinese ent. reporter because I can't read Chinese! Or write in Chinese, if need be.

I think Kenny was the better one of the Boyz.

I've never heard Vincy sing. I've just heard that she's EEG's "newbie" this year.

jesscet said...

i have deleted an anonymous comment asking for Twins' naked pix in Genting!

firstly, from now on i will delete and not respond to anonymous. even if you're not on blogger, you can always put a name. why bother to hide?

as to Twins' `Naked pix' Sorry to disappoint some. they are not naked. Gillian was secretly filmed by a hidden camera in the changing room and apparently the pix showed her back and shoulder and her adjusting her bra.. the photos appeared in a HK mag cover. Anyway, its big news in Chinese papers today. Can't imagine how low some HK paparazzi can stoop just to sell their mags!