Sunday, August 20, 2006

Rambling on a lazy Sunday...

Am taking a break writing Twins' concert review to write in my blog instead. Really uninspired to write as I was totally bored and unimpressed with the concert, as I predicted myself to be..

Felt like I have wasted my Sunday away..! Thanks to some uncontrollable biological circumstance. If you're a woman, you would know what I mean..

Ok, I did go to sleep pretty late but would have gotten up for 11am service at church.. However, the stomach cramps were so bad - even my back ached. Though I already got ready and changed and even had breakfast, I really felt unwell.. I needed to crawl back into bed, and so I did after popping two pain killers.

I missed church again :( (as last week I was in JB)

So I dozed off.. and when I got up at looked at my clock, it was 3pm.

Oh, yesterday after coming back from Genting, I went straight to my hair salon and ended up spending FOUR hours plus there! Initially just wanted to colour the front bits to cover up all the greys (Yes, i have lots of silver hair now!) but was suggested that I could do part rebonding to make my hair at the back less frizzy and big.

I spent SOOOO LONG at the salon - I went through more than half a dozen of Hello and Hot magazines - yeah, mindless gossips.

Anyway.. when I look more presentable -I look quite sickly right now - may post a pix of my new hair-do. ;)

p.s. Yeah I know this is such an uninteresting and uninspired post. But it's a break for me from writing an uninspired and unintresting concert review... :p

p.p.s. Will play with the two Js in the garden in a while..!


daybee said...

Get well soon! ;) A new hairdo always makes a girl feel a bit better, if not great!

I, on the other hand, for lack of something better to do with my hair, did retail therapy instead.

jesscet said...

thanks :) yep, i agree that shopping is very therapuetic, though might be harmful to the wallet.. ;p