Monday, August 28, 2006

A `Stupidest Accident'!!

I crashed my car at my house front entrance!!

I still didn't know how I manage to do that.. This afternoon as I returned home, I stopped my car infront of the gate as usual to wait for the automatic gate to open.. As it opened, I was looking out for Jojo who should be in his doghouse.. but I could not see him so I was wondering where he was.. and then, when the gate fully opened, I just swerved the car like normal to enter and then the car crashed into the side of the concrete wall!

Argh!! The sound was so loud I knew the damage was bad.

It was pretty bad.. even the left door couldn't open anymore., and there was a gap at the bonnet opening too. My car also knocked a big piece of concrete off at the wall.

My poor car.. :((( and this would set my wallet back quite a lot!

I still couldn't believe I did that! Considering this is my 2nd stupid accident recently (but thank God I had not had any road accidents in ages.. the last was 8 years ago when someone knocked into me beating a read light from the other side)

End of last year, my mind was `off' when I crashed into the metal poles at the guard house. I forgot totally about them being there and just drove into them before they went down..

Wonder where my mind had gone..? :((


daybee said...

Your poor car!
But cars can be fixed - no worries!

Thank goodness you're OK though - stupid accidents or not.

Patrick Wong said...

Lucky you are not injured.Also in Malaysia repairs like these are relative inexpensive.All they do is knock it back into shape and repaint.Here in North America you will have to change the whole panel and this will cost you and arm and a leg!

jesscet said...

the impact wasn't big enough that i could be injured.. thankfully.

it will set me back RM800 plus which was less than what i thought but still a lot consider i'm pretty broke! :(

babe_kl said...

ouch on yr car and wallet! poor thing but luckily u were all right. btw its a pain to upload photos into blogger, y not use its a whole lot easier.

jesscet said...

babe_kl: Yes, it takes ages to upload using blogger! thanks for the tip. will try it out! :)