Thursday, August 17, 2006

Belated updates of the two Js!

I know.. I know.. I have not posted on my two Js for quite some time! At the back of my mind, I meant to do so but somehow there're just so many other things happening. And then I read today in my friend's blog - she links my blog name as `Jess.. where are the two Js?' :(

Anyway, my two beloved canines are fine. Only thing is Jojo is still recovering from wounds on his front and back legs. It seems that those wounds, which even Vet can't explain the cause, has become a `seasonal recurrence'. They would heal gradually after Jojo takes the medication, orally as well applying on the wounds. Then after completely healed for a month or two, the wounds would suddenly come back again.. normally at the same places.

Sigh.. but at least it doesn't look like Jojo is suffering from pain. He's still behaving as normal - active and has good appetite.

Jelly is still my `little shadow' but can be quite naughty at time.. gosh, her appetite and greediness for food is amazing! But recently, her ears have some earmites, which Jojo had in the past too. Have to apply ear drops and clean them often and she doesn't like it..

I bathed both of them before going to work today.. they are looking clean and fluffy and smell quite good too..;) So, here are photos fresh from the oven! (taken just before posting!)

Jelly striking a lazy pose in my room

Jojo just woken up from his sleep.. notice his wounds? :(

Jelly looking expectantly at me to feed her snack

Jojo lazing on the floor and wearing his melancholic expression..

I have to place Jelly next to Jojo for a `group shot' but then they just decided to lie down together!


HL said...

heh heh, she has a sharp eye, this one.

littleguybigkitchen said...

fresh from the oven? arghhh... it's alive! just kidding.

take your dog for a walk near spots that have plenty of plants. dogs need to take some real fibre from plants to heal themselves. time to do so. :) all my best to your doggies :)

jesscet said...

hl: heh heh, yes this time i do. so u happy to see the two Js? ;)

littleguykitchen: looks like you're a dog lover eh? well, if that's so, my dogs have lots of fibres since my garden has lots of plants! :)