Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Merdeka Day!

Happy Merdeka to our nation!

Happy Merdeka to me! :D

Yep, tendered the letter this (wed) afternoon to the editor/COO and he just nodded and took it, as if he was already expecting it! The ONLY thing he said was: `who have you cc it to?' No, not even a casual question like `why' or `where will I be going'

Which only made me feel I've no regrets whatsoever in leaving. Although it has been 12 years that I serviced the company.

I then went to the HR department but the person in charge of resignation was on leave.. but another staff told me my days of leave left and from her and my own calculation, my last day would be October 13. Oh, it is a Friday too! ;)

Funny thing is, my immediate superior was actually happy for me to go.. for he himself is going to resign end of next month! But because he has so many days of leave, he can leave immediately and before me!

I know of a few colleagues from the same desk are quite definitely quitting too. Which says a lot about the place huh?

And I almost can't wait till mid October. Soon... I am entering into a new chapter of life.

update (Sept 2): After speaking to the HR personnel, I decided to work the whole two months as the company will be paying me back for my days of leave left! So, my last day of work will be Oct 27. Well, 10 days extra to bear but will be compensated by extra $$$ !!


HL said...

good that you've finally made a decision. since they're not too upset about letting you go, at least you can leave with peace of mind that you're not leaving the place in turmoil!

aaaand, does this mean you'll be able to stay in HK longer ? :D

daybee said...

New chapters in life are always great ;) Wonderful to start afresh. Sometimes it's nice not knowing what the future holds but if you do - that's fine too.

It takes a lot of courage to let go of something you've done for 12 years!

Way to go, jesscet!

jesscet said...

hl: they think no one is indispensible anywy, and i'll have enough time to sort things out nicely (i hope).

yeah would like to have a longer holiday! but also depends whether i have a new job by then.. my plan however is to take a break and start next Jan (if possible) ;P

daybee: thanx for your encouragement! Quite excited and really hope things will work out well.. :)

daybee said...

Jesscet, I hope things work out just the way you want them to :)

babe_kl said...

good to hear this, all the best in your future undertakings ;-)

jesscet said...

Thanks for your well wishes :)