Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dad's Dinner at `European House'

I almost thought I would be really late for dad's birthday dinner tonite - an early treat as mom had prior program for us on his actual birthday on Sunday!

It was a stressful evening. The eds wanted me to find some particular photos on the Net to go with my story. Argh, I have brought this all upon myself.. :( If I have kept my mouth shut about the (kinda big) news on some HK popstar, they probably won't know about it and I won't need to write the story. Well, guess I am living up as a entertainment journalist and somemore working for a tabloid paper that likes sensational stories!!

Anyway, shall not dwell into this.. I left office at 7:45pm or so and normally it would take less than 15 minutes to reach the destination but today the traffic was just horrendous! thanks to the crazy downpour in the late afternoon.. But thank goodness I managed to remember to go from the backway and made it for dinner with parents at Cafe Cafe.

Had read and heard quite a bit about this place.. surprisingly it's quite happening even on a week night. It's smaller than i expected. What makes it nice is its classic European interior decor and with dim lighting, it's pretty cosy and romantic!

The food was of good standard, and we were all very happy with the set dinner we ordered - consisted of starters, soup, main course and dessert. For mains, dad ordered lamb shank, he ordered the more expensive (and delicious) Wayu beef for mom and I had grilled salmon.. we also had a bottle of red wine - Cabernet-Melot from Australia!

Oh, the dinner was a treat for dad from mom and me.. hehe, at least got someone to share the hefty bill! ;)

When we finished, we went for a `tour' upstairs - which was closed as it was to cater for private functions . It's feels like an European home, complete with sofas and a mock fire place.

Happy 66th Birthday Dad! You don't look your age! ;)

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