Friday, May 27, 2005

Anoter Disaster by A-P Jelly

Maybe now mom will consider wanting to sell Jelly off instead.

You would think because of their sizes, Jojo would be the more clumsy one but no, it is Jelly which is more accident-prone!

Just more than an hour ago while I was still not home, she broke an Italian vase that mom cherished. To be exact, it was one half of a RM1,000 imported vase. The other half is the vase stand, which thankfully is still standing.

How it happened I do not know. But I personally had witnessed Jelly broke one of my dad's vases from China that was quite precariously placed next to the kitchen door.

The minute the China vase was placed there, I foretold dad that the dogs would cause it to topple. But I was thinking of Jojo more than Jelly.

And now, this expensive vase which has been with us for almost 10 years has become a `victim'. A stressful and distraught look on mom's face said it all.. yes, she was cleaning up the shattered pieces and picking up the scattered dry flowers.

Oh Help!! What can I do to subdue the 2 Js? I am afraid to come home one day and find that they have been sold...


Anonymous said...

Why didn't you show a picture of the broken vase? I would like to know which one.


jesscet said...

oh ok. will take a pix and post it here soon. The remaining of the broken vase is still there!!