Saturday, October 27, 2007

1st Anniversary of My `New Life'

Amidst the busyness, I suddenly remembered that it's been ONE YEAR..!

Yes, it was exactly one year ago since I quit (although I already resigned two months earlier) from a newspaper company that I've worked with for 12 years. And it has been a year since I have been `free' and on my own - working as a freelance writer.

If I thought time passed fast while going through the routine while employed with a company, time flew by equally if not faster when I worked as a freelance as well.

Well, when I quit I didn't have any concrete plans as to what I was going to do. Actually I thought of just taking a break for a couple of months and then will `look-see' around for a new job.. and in between perhaps I would do a bit of freelance writing..

The thing was shortly after I quit, I had a few odd jobs here and there.. by then I was verbally offered a job which eventually did not materialise and it was around after CNY which I decided to stick on and be a freelance writer and to also write my book. Alas, the book-writing plan did not go very far as I became more and more busy with writing assignments.

And then sometime in the middle of the year, I was beginning to struggle over a decision I (thought I had) earlier made.. but thank God I managed to cross the cross road and even as another potential job offer fizzled out, I wasn't upset because I knew He knows best.. and yeah, since then on, my freelance work has increased in volume and also in remuneration although it wasn't much.. But again, I wasn't working exactly that same hours I did while in full-time employment.

Lets see, so far I have been writing stories on Chinese entertainment, fashion, beauty, social issues, personality interviews and a wide variety of lifestyle-related topics. Oh, and not forgetting the recent bridal shoot co-ordinating and writing that is so demanding and in a way I feel more like a wardrobe mistress than a writer.. but a totally whole new thing. That's definitely a much wider scope of writing compared to what I was doing as an entertainment journalist. And my articles have so far appeared in newspaper and various magazines (won't name them here.. :p)

Many people (especially journalists/writers) have asked me how it's like being a freelancer. Well, I have to be honest to give an accurate picture. First and foremost, the greatest part is of course the flexibility and freedom you get. Also, as a freelance writer, you have greater exposure and get to work on a variety of stuff.. and of course, you get to choose who and what you want to work for too (if you're not desperate for money) But on the other hand, the money isn't great to start with.. and you need much motivation and discipline in order to get steady work and income.

For me personally, too much freedom may not be a good thing.. already quite used to an owl-like lifestyle, having no regular work-hour meaning it's even harder to curb and let this habit go on..! Gosh i did a search and in this blog there're close to 10 posts about my owl-like sleeping habit..

Well, I don't know what will happen in the future.. and whether I'll be marking my 2nd year as a freelancer, or as God wills, go back to full-time employment. But at the moment, I am getting more and some new work assignments and I'm really not very ready to give up all this although for the pragmatic, it lacks stability and other job benefits eg medical etc..

I'm grateful for this whole new experience.. In fact, just a few years back, being a freelance writer was something I hoped to be doing. And I've now achieved that so to speak.. And I never had a tinge of regret leaving the company a year ago (although I heard there had been salary increase etc..)

So, I look forward to more interesting freelance work to come in the new year... :)

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Messy said...

Wow, that's the life, huh? :) I wonder whether I can do it one day ...