Sunday, October 14, 2007

of busyness, family and personality types...

It's a long weekend thanks to Hari Raya, but for a freelancer like me, it doesn't really make a difference.. In fact, i should be working now but I'm totally exhausted from lack of sleep a busy day at church.. so I guess it's easier to blog than to work!! :p

The second half of October will be quite a gruelling time for me.. besides the bridal assignment which many aspects have only been confirmed just, there are still so much more to do!! And then I have two feature articles due by end of the month as well. Thank goodness I'm now quite good at multi-tasking but sometimes it's not easy especially when the assignments involve more than just writing...

Dad and mom are leaving tomorrow for their China `balik-kampung' trip with some relatives.. yeah, they are going to visit our ancestor's home in Taipo in Guangdong province. I had the privilege of going there 10 years ago during Chinese New Year and it was a really memorable trip.. This time round, dad and mom will be joined by other relatives who have not been back to their `kampung' before..

So the next fortnight I have been `charaged' with the responsibility of taking care of the household and also looking after grandma - well, not literally since our maid Wati is the one who has been taking care of her. I would like to spend more time at home really but looks like I got to be out and about quite a bit especially during the day time..

It's kinda strange... now that I'm much older and supposedly more independent, I feel I have grown much more attached to my parents. I was telling dad that when I was studying in the U.K., yeah although I did miss home from time to time, I was ok not to see my family for months and month.. (cos I usually just came back during summer) But now that I've been home and living with them for more than 10 years, I have been so used to their presence.. and I actually miss my parents when they go on holiday!

And this time even before they leave I already feel I will miss them...the house just doesn't feel the same when they are not here.

Which is quite an irony.. because normally I like to go about by myself and enjoy my own company in doing many things.. I would even travel by myself on a holiday..I'm independent in that sense.. But on the other hand, at the end of the day.. I think I'm still one who likes company, especially people dear to me. I don't like the idea of living all by myself.. like some of the friends I know. Ok, it maybe more bearable if I have my two Js with me of course..

Which reminds me of the conversation some friends and I had at supper on Friday. It's funny but kinda sad that our topic of conversation was on nothing else but Facebook, which most of us were quite active on and taken by. (Well, I have been trying to `cure my addiction' on it but no one believes I could do it!!) Remembering a personality test that me and a friend had done, I was curious to find out who were extroverts and introverts among us... Then I realised that friends who I thought were extroverts were actually not, and the only extrovert - and according to them, true blue one - was me!!

Well I never denied I am not one but it's interesting that I found out more on how personality is defined as an extrovert or introvert. Wikipedia puts it quite nicely. Although I like my time alone but to think of it, I do get energised being with people... and this was something I didn't really realise.. as i thought i actually like solitude more!?

So looks like there is no escape then.. I'm like an `open-book' extrovert. Six out of six friends who did an `i-describe' of me on Facebook all used the word to describe me!

But among my circle of friends, seem like introverts far outnumber extroverts. U-hoo, any extroverts out there?

p.s. Oh, if you're not sure, try this interesting personality test to determine whether you're an introvert or extrovert, and much more!

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