Friday, October 12, 2007

Fabulous FOURsome - a meme

My online friend Paris Beaverbanks has tagged me for not just one, but two memes in a row! It has been a long time since I got tagged, so I thought why not just do it for the fun of it. I chose the easier one first!

It is a FOUR BY FOUR meme which you can call it anything you want I reckon. I am still not very good with this tag/meme thing. But I'm sure I can't get it wrong with such straight-forward questions! Here it goes..

4 Jobs I have had in my life :

  • Burger King - a holiday job in University in U.K.
  • Field Interviewer - 2-month stint after graduation
  • Journalist - worked in magazine and 3 newspapers for a total of 14 Years
  • Freelance writer - my current `dream job' ;p

4 Places I have lived :

  • In boarding school in Singapore
  • Hall of resident in Reading University, UK
  • An apartment in Russell Square, London
  • Various suburbs of Kuala Lumpur

4 Countries I have been to on vacation :

  • China - at least a dozen destinations!
  • Cambodia - Angkorwat
  • France - Paris, Lyon, Nice, Cannes
  • Italy - Venice, Rome, Florence
4 of my Favourite Food :
  • Salmon Sashimi - all time fav!
  • Asam Laksa - esp. the one at Jusco
  • Roast Lamb
  • Ice-Cream - esp. Belgian Chocolate and Rocky Road

4 Places I would rather be right now :

  • Pampering myself at a spa in Bali
  • Gallivanting in NYC shopping and sightseeing
  • Watching a fine performance in an opera house in Rome, Italy
  • Sipping wine in a vineyard in South of France

4 Friends I’m going to tag : (as long as you’ve not done this too recently)

p.s. Such a coincidence that the 4 friends I am tagging have names beginning with `L'!


Parisb said...

Thanks for doing the tag! :) You might want to drop a line over at your friends' sites to inform them of the tag ;)

Messy Christian said...

Oh! A meme! Fun! :)

Messy said...

Just replied! :) So late, I know.

Messy said...

Just replied your meme! :)