Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Jelly's Emergency Treatment

Jelly gave me the fright of my life last night!!

It was the fifth day after her operation and everything seemed fine. Then suddenly at about 11pm, I saw her getting more restless and she was trying to scratch herself.. I took off her e-collar and to clean. Instead of eating a chew stick I gave her, she was incessantly biting her front leg, and then scratching her right (the ok) ear! I let her do so thinking that it was just a normal itch. But then even after I put the collar back, she became even more agitated.. she was breathing heavily and was not her normal self..

I felt worried and thought that she may have gotten some bites from her walk earlier.. but as she kept on wanting to scratch that right ear, I thought I better have a look.. I screamed out loud and almost cried! The inner ear was all swollen red!! It looked like she had some terrible infection or something.. and gosh, I allowed her to scratch it earlier!!

I was helpless so I woke up my maid who helped me take care of her when I'm out.. She was clueless of course and I was almost in tears. Then I know I just had to bring her to see a vet. She was clearly suffering! :( Good thing I do have a 24 hour vet contact that's not too far from my house.

When I called, I was told they would charge extra for emergency treatment but I didn't even bother to ask how much. So with my maid as company, I drove Jelly to Segar Clinic. It was a woman vet on duty and after hearing her operation history and examining Jelly, she thinks it could be some form of allergy, it could be from a medication but when she examined further, she said Jelly had some nasty yeast infection! I think we neglected cleaning her ears properly!! :(

The vet assistant cleaned her ear, applied some medication and gave her a jab. And I could see that she has calmed down a lot and the itch and the redness has reduced.. Altogether we spent almost one hour at the `emergency room'. The bill came out to be pretty hefty, more than what I anticipated. They charge RM100 flat for just consultation as opposed to RM20 during the clinic hours. And the medicine and treatment etc.. cost another RM118.

It's expensive, but I had no choice.. I definitely couldn't leave Jelly suffering the whole night! At least when she came back, she seemed to be back to her normal self and slept quietly in my room till the next morning...

And now, she is back to her normal self.. sleeping on my floor.. (sigh of relief)


Anonymous said...

You really should start acting responsibly and look after your dog properly. Jelly is as much God's creature as you are, you have no right to bring her into your home and then ignore her well being. It takes only 10 minutes to clean her ear every day, perhaps before you start your blogging or Facebooking?

Good luck, Jelly.

jesscet said...

anonymous: if you can give such `sound' advice, perhaps you would dare to reveal who you are and not hide under `anonymous'? do you know me personally and how i care for my dog? thanks for your concern for Jelly anyway..she is well taken care of.

Anonymous said...

I do not have to know you to see that you have not cared for your dogs. If you did, Jelly would never have had to go through her two recent ordeals, and she would not be so fat, which in the long run means her heart will be affected.

Who I am is not the question here, it is who YOU are and whether YOU dare to face up to the fact that YOU have been neglecting your duty, as a dog owner, as a mother, which YOU so affectionately refer yourself to as.

If you really love them, treat them well, you have to sacrifice your time, your energy for them. They are only dogs, they cannot look after themselves, they don't know how to go on a diet, you have to help them. It hurts to see how Jelly suffers. You think if Jesus kept dogs, he would have allowed her to decline to such a state?

I am not giving advice, just speaking up for those who cannot do so for themselves, in this case, your dogs.

Anonymous said...

And I quote:
May 16, 2005, your words:
"Sigh. if only I can come home earlier, I would have more time to spend with them.. Or if only I could sleep earlier and wake up earlier, I could also find more time to play with them.

I feel like the busy/ambitious/career mom who leaves her kids at home with the maid and spends most of her time out of the house - work, meetings etc..

I am sorry Jojo and Jelly. I know you long for spending more time with me but I fail you... I am telling myself now to be a better mom and to adjust my time so that you would not be `neglected kids'.

I promise."

Did you keep your promise to them?

jesscet said...

anonymous: perhaps i should be glad that you seem a dog lover and care so much for their welfare. But at the same time perhaps you should re-ponder at your judgemental attitude towards someone you just read on her blog.

Jelly's recent `ordeals' were unforseen circumstance. Do you think i didn't care nor feel anything? If you want to blame her `misforunes' on me, are you going to blame any misfortunes ie accidents or illness of a kid to her parents? Be sensible and fair ok. Jelly being `so fat'is mainly due to side effect of her being spayed. How do you know i don't control her diet?

FYI i don't write EVERYTHING about myself and my relationship with my dogs here.. you quoted something i wrote two years plus ago but how did you know i have NOT kept my promise? I can tell you I have been spending more time with them but i do not need to gloat and tell everything here..I have a very close and healthy relationship with my two dogs and they're as happy as they can be.

And excuse me, why bring in Jesus? Jesus says `do not judge' and take out the plank in your eyes before that of your brethren.. And pls do not make Jelly sound so pitiful. Have you seen her in real life? She's so cute and adorable and certainly not `decline to such a state'. You would be glad to know she has completely recovered from both `ordeals'

Finally, i certainly don't need a person i don't know nor know me (that's what you said), and who would not even dare to real his/her name to tell me about how i should treat my dogs.

And my dogs certainly do not need you to speak for them.. thank you very much.