Thursday, October 18, 2007

A freak bloody accident...

Dang! I should have showered earlier!!

Had a painful and quite bloody accident just now. I wanted to cut a dental chew stick into two for the two Js as I didn't want them to have too much snacks! So I took one of the large bread knife (it's sharp) and tried to `saw' the stick into two.. It's pretty hard so I was using lots of strength and then I didn't know what happened but my left index finger got in the way and I just cut it deep!!

OUCH!! It wasn't a slight cut but quite a deep one as well.. a big slice of flesh was almost coming out - ok, exaggerated a bit but it's deep! Blood immediately start to ooze out, and it won't stop. (pardon the rather graphic description). I screamed and then rushed to the first aid box..

But dang! We hardly have any good remedy for cuts - no yellow solutions nor bandages. I scuffled through the boxes and settled for a Chinese powder medication `yunan baiyau' which was supposed to be good for cuts.. i know it has been there very long but there's no expiry date so I guess ( I hope) those powder could last. And yeah, by the time I applied the stuff to the wound, my finger had already dripped quite a lot of blood and I had to clean the floor and the kitchen counter!

I used some cotton wool to cover the wound and use a plaster to stick it in place.. Finally no more blood can be seen.. But dang! I hadn't had my shower and surely I have to wet my finger and surely it would be painful!! :((

Sigh.. I hate it when such accident happens and it's actually avoidable if I was more careful when handling the knife! Not like I never used a knife cutting dental sticks for my dogs..

Arghhh! just hope the pain will not be so acute and the wound will dry up soon. :(

p.s. decide I won't put a pix of my cut finger as it looks pretty gross..

Update (1:30am)
HELP!!! I removed the plaster and cotton as i needed to shower but blood kept oozing out non stop.. Gosh the cut is really quite deep.. and it's painful! (i am typing with limited fingers) I think I need to go to the 24-hour clinic for proper dressing... 2 emergency cases in 3 nites.. sigh :(

Update 2 (2am)
Drove around the neighbourhood and realised there wasn't any 24-hour clinic! Dang! But the blood had ease by then so i dropped by 7-11 hoping to get some proper bandage or medicine but no, they only had plasters. Managed to find a solution at home called poviderm, for minor cuts and burns. Well better nothing so I cleansed my wound, applied the lotion and put on plaster.. now it looks `stabilised'. Maybe it's not emergency after all but it did feel like it!


Messy Christian said...

That's why it never hurts to have a first aid kit at home :)

I have one box with panadols, bandages, acriflavin etc ... it could go a long way in an emergency!

Hope you feel better today!

HL said...

It does sound like it might have needed stitches. I hope you're okay by the time you read this! Take care...

jesscet said...

MC: yeah i know, but i thought we had - and usually i rely on my parents' supply la :p

hl: err..don't think stitches is nec? (hope not!) eeek..i removed the plaster after shower and now blood is a bit visible.. maybe i should get proper treatment!

thanks folks for ur concerns.. will update if anything!