Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Jelly to be put under the knife :(

Poor Jelly! She has to go for an operation tomorrow.. :( She is suffering from`Aura Hematoma' and it caused her left ear to swell!

It must have been happening already for a few days.. but only this morning my maid found out when she bathed Jelly. I had quite a shock when I felt the inflicted area! it wasn't noticeable as she is quite furry.. but when you feel around the area, the lower part of her ear near to the head is so swollen and feels like liquid inside!

if you look closely you can tell her left ear is `bigger' and a bit jutting out!

I called the vet and described the situation and he seemed to know what it was and said normally an operation is needed! But I told him he has to see my dog first so I drove Jelly there.

Actually I wanted to seek a second opinion regarding the operation. But it was another vet who attended to Jelly, and somehow instinct told me I can trust this lady vet. She explained in detail (but my medical knowledge is too bad to repeat what exactly she said) Jelly's condition. And she reassured me that it is not uncommon for dogs to have that, especially for active dogs! But the only way to get rid of the swelling is through operation.. or else the swelling would increase and one day the swelling (filled with blood resulting from a break in a blood vessel) may burst!

There seems to be no option but an operation. But since it was already late in the afternoon, we have scheduled to bring Jelly back tomorrow morning for the ops. Poor thing.. she has to undergo general anaesthetic. But good thing is she doesn't need to be hospitalised overnight. I should be able to bring her home tomorrow afternoon.

Poor thing, maybe that's the reason why she has been behaving `difficult' lately and wanted company at night! Although she still seemed to be quite normal otherwise. And in hind sight, she has been shaking her head a bit and scratching her ears! I had been a bit careless...sigh. But luckily it's not too late!

On another note, after the op, I have to put Jelly on a serious diet! She now weighs 16.7kg! And that's quite exceptional (obese?) for a miniature schnauzer! In fact typical miniature schnauzer should weigh around 9kg and 12kg max I was told!

Jelly looks so un-miniature that the girl at the vet thought she was a standard schnauzer while a few other customers also gaped at her size!!

This little glutton has to eat less and exercise more.. maybe I should join her too.. :p

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suhsien said...

my dog had the same problem. on BOTH ears! i cant remember what happened after a while but he didnt go for an op. just meds and then the ear started shrivelling up.