Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Poor Post-Op Jelly

Post-op Jelly has to wear an E-collar until her stitches are dried up!

Poor thing, she looks a little comical but mostly pitiful. Coz her field of vision has been limited.. she walks slower than normal and she has much difficulty climbing up steps - my mom, maid and I took turn to carry/assist her. She used to just skipped up!

The operation went smoothly. It lasted about an hour and the vet successfully removed all the clotted blood inside.. Jelly had seven stitches which need to be removed after 10-15 days.

Recovering from the op and with a cumbersome E-collar on, she is feeling rather miserable and uncomfortable.. She has this sad and dazed expression on her face, kept shaking her head as the wounds must be itchy as well.. and then she let out those whimpering moans when she lies down..

Awwww.. it breaks my heart seeing her like this.. :(

But.. but.. the feisty nature of her still shown. When she saw a cage containing three cats in the vet's place, she was so fierce and wanted to pound at them. And just now when she was aimlessly wondering in the garden - a bit difficult too to do her business cos the collar impeded her nose touching the grass - she was the first who rushed to the gate and barked loudly when two neighbours strolled by.

O Jelly, quickly get well... we miss the chirpy and energetic Jelly!!


ParisB said...

OH I hope she gets well soon! Here's a TAG to cheer you up :)

jesscet said...

paris: thanks, she's showing improvement already :) and thanks for the `tag' but will probably do it a bit later. BUSY!! :p

Leishia J said...

u have such lovely dogs! and it breaks my heart to read about jelly :'( . i really hope she'll get well soon and be all hyper again :D

uh yeah, and i blog hopped over. lol. great blog! keep it up jess!

jesscet said...

leishia: thanks for your sympathy. You seem like a dog lover too.. and thanks for the encouragement, hope you'll pop over in the future too! ;)