Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Women Bloggers United! ;)

Being a blogger, I know the joy when your blog is being publicised!

Last month, I had the pleasure of interviewing five women bloggers.. They may not be the most high profile bloggers but I think they have their own forte and their blogs are interesting. All the interviews were conducted via e-mail so making things much simpler.. I had some pretty good answers.. after all they're all good writers!

So, the article appeared today, and I'm quite pleased with it. Nothing much was changed and the layout nice.

I can in a way relate to them for I am a blogger too. These women are definitely proud to be a blogger and are passionate in doing so whether it is political commentaries, food reviews, musing on languages, talk about the latest beauty products and malls in town or just a journal or sort..

I must say that of the many many people I've interviewed, I got most `thanks' from these bunch of interviewees! ;) Not only that, they posted on their blog about the article, mentioned me and even linked my blog url! How cool is that.. hehe, I get more than monetary rewards from this article!

And another good thing that came out of it is I've made a few more new friends!
So, it kinda prompted me to blog about this although you know I hardly write much about my work/articles I write.

Oh, if you're wondering where the article appears? It's in Clove, The Star today (Wed Oct 3). But if you miss it, there's still the online version

Check it out and also check out my fellow women bloggers' blogs! ;)


ParisB said...

Aww... Thank you so much for the mention! It was a pleasure working with you :D

speakeasy said...

Hi this is JOhn Tee here from FBC, don't know whether you remember me. I just discovered your blog recently.Wow you sure blog a lot.Then again you are a writer.Anyway just drop by to say hello.

jesscet said...

paris, my pleasure too! keep on blogging! ;)

hi john! think i know u but may not recognise u now? thanks for dropping by to say hi! yeah blogging is kinda addictive :p

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Hey Jesscet, thanks for featuring my blog. Other than the scary pic, it was good! hahaha. Cheers!

maycheah said...

Great article! Now I'm *almost* inspired to start a blog too :)

jesscet said...

lyrical: my pleasure, since i enjoy reading and salivating at your blog! :p the pix is scary? LOL

may: thanx. hehe, do start one then! it's quite therapeutic though addictive! ;)

lucia said...

jesscet, thanks so much for the feature. you made me one proud happy blogger (showing off to my colleagues that i appeared in the paper).

jesscet said...

lucia: you're most welcome. keep up the good work! ;)