Friday, October 26, 2007

no more anonymous comments

I will have to wait till the weekend at least to blog about my `exciting' shooting assignments.. gosh never been so hectic and stressed!!

In the mean time, just want to say that an annoying episode has caused me to decide to change the comment status. Not that I have that many comments to start with ..and I have always welcomed friends and other bloggers to read my blog as well as to comment.

And this `open system' has been working ok for the last 2 1/2 years.. (the only episode I got abusive and obscene messages on my tag board - which no longer is here - 2 years ago which i suspected was someone I knew..)

But when someone hides behind `anonymous' so that he/she thinks no one knows his/her identity so that he/she can write whatever nasty things.. then I think it abuses the system. And it's also unfair to the blogger..

Also, i reply to most of my comments.. and I don't like replying to a unknown `entity', ok person.

For the first time I must confess that I deleted one comment.. but that comment came after a series of judgmental allegations from an anonymous who does not even know me. (I left the earlier ones there but the last one I must show this person it is MY blog after all)

So following this, I changed two things. 1. No more anonymous commentators. 2. Comments moderation is on - I do check my blog daily (a few times) when I'm at home but I sometimes travel so I guess I just want to be more cautious.

I hope this move won't deter my blog friends commenting in the future...

Update: after a couple of weeks, I decided to allow back anonymous comment because if not, non Blogger members would not be able to comment. Mainly because my sister falls into that category! Anyway, I still leave the comments moderation on, just to be cautious.

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