Sunday, October 21, 2007

For God's (and my health's) sake.. MUST kill the owl!

I feel better today..

Maybe because I slept a bit earlier.. (as in earlier than my terrible owlish hours!) and it's also Sunday. Can't deny the spiritual dose I experienced at church service did have a kind of calming effect. And singing in choir also helped.. So i can feel more peace and joy inside..

For a couple of days I was in kinda tense and irritable mood, and it's not that time of the month so.. (no excuse really!) I guess the bad sleeping hours really took a toll on me.. on top of that I was still having the horrible cold..

Praise God though today my cold has much improved..I was still a bit snappy even to some of my church friends.. I think by the time I drove home after choir, I felt lighter.. Actually there is no reason to be stressed for I've more or less done up the first draft of my two articles.. I just needed to shorten them! And for the shoot.. well, have done all the more difficult parts and by God's grace, things should proceed smoothly..

So now, it's up to me and my own will power. I am going to have a time of prayer tonight and commit my whole lifestyle to the Lord again...I must start doing my devotion regularly as well..

To think of it, there are so many more things I should be channeling my thoughts and energy into.. like how I could be the salt and light and bring people to Christ in my daily life.. and definitely should NOT be sitting here moping and descending into self-pity.

Ok. That's it. I shall sleep in an earthly hour today so I can start the busy week afresh.. will have to be firm and positive and yes, wait for some good news..

p.s. sorry for these ranting posts but I'm sure there'll be more exciting posts coming.. just bear with me :)


Suzie said...

hi, just want to drop by to say hope you are feeling better now - from that flu bug and that nasty cut. blessings!

jesscet said...

suzie: yeah i'm feeling better.. thanks for your note and for dropping by.. God bless too :)