Monday, October 08, 2007

A Shopaholic's Dream Job?

I spent 4 hours `shopping' at Mid Valley - Megamall and The Gardens this afternoon. No I've not gone on a shopping spree.. in fact, I was working!!

You see, I took up a new assignment to contribute to a local bridal magazine. Basically my job is to co-ordinate the product shoots, and that means to scout out nice and interesting stuff ranging from bridal gowns to shoes to accessories to lingeries!

There are LOTS to do. All in I have to help input for 14 pages! In order to scout for and to borrow and to return all the products means it requires LOTS of legworks - driving around town! And of course some discernment and good eyes and taste in fashion. Ahem! ;)

Actually was a little surprise that I was offered the job as i have only met and talked to the contributing editor (also a freelancer) once! But fortunately I do have some products and fashion shooting background from my magazine (and a bit in newspapers) days, so I was confident enough to do it, although with a little apprehension..

When I told a few friends about this new `job', a couple of them responded by saying it sounded so `fun' as I am actually paid to `shop'! :D

Well, I won't complain cos I do enjoy shopping.. except it requires much more than just `shopping'! But first thing first.. I needed to check out shops for suitable products. So for the spreads on shoes and lingeries (I will call on the bridal galleries separately), I decided to visit Mid Valley since there are two malls there. And next stop will be KLCC.

I guess I over-estimated myself cos I thought I could even go to the gym and kill two birds in one stone! But no, by 7-ish I was only just completing my `shopping'.

Guess what? I got side-track from time to time! Yes, I would say 80 per cent of the time I was `working' - ie. sourcing out some stores and then making notes on their products and getting the contacts etc.. but alas, I succumbed to my shopaholic nature and ended up buying things for myself!

I bought a pair of shoes from a new Italian brand from Robinsons, and then something from the lingerie department (no, not disclosing the details) in Isetan. Well, it seems inevitable cos I was looking at nothing but shoes and lingeries the whole afternoon.. ! :p

I must be careful when I go to KLCC.. but good thing that the next few stops would be bridal galleries - they have nothing that I would need nor want! Or else, I might end up spending more than what I would be getting paid for this job! :p

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Lim Chang Moh said...

Wow Jesscet, this looks like a dream job for you! I went to Robinsons at the Gardens last week but could not afford anything there. Instead I bought a lot at the COld Storage. Looking forward to seeing your articles!