Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Jelly needs company to sleep...

For about a week now.. Jelly has turned into a highly-clingy and attention-craving dog!
Why, she wouldn't sleep by herself! For three years plus since I got her, she has been sleeping in her crate. But now, she refuses to do so!

I really had no idea why suddenly she became like that.. I also found her becoming more picky on her food although she used to like that dog food. Of course she still craves for snacks.

She usually follows a routine to `go to bed'. Till early hours in the morning, she would be in my room and when I am going to sleep, I would lead her down and out into the garden for her to pee.. and then i will take a few snacks to lure her into her crate. She would happily take them and then it's good night.

But these days, after just 15 minutes or so that I utter `good night', she would start barking, or is it crying..? I can't ignore her cos she actually goes on and on although there is an interval between the bark. For the first two nights, i didn't realise my maid took her into her room because she could not sleep with that bark.

She was in my room for two nights already and last night, with my maid..

Sigh.. anyone has any idea what I can do? Looks like she really wants company and can we/shall we allow that?


Anonymous said...

mebbe she's pregnant

jesscet said...

nope she's not. she has been spayed. sigh.. again last nite she was sleeping in my room!