Thursday, November 01, 2007

Off to Fragrant Harbour!

In 12 hours time, I'll be sitting in the plane ready to depart for Hong Kong...

I've lost count of the number of times I visited the S.A.R. especially since sis got married and lived there 12 years ago.. I know I should have been `sick' of going there.. But on the contrary. Yeah I guess I could save the money and travel to another place.. but there're just too many `attractions' for me not to go.

Of course high on the list is to visit sis' family, in particular the three `adorable Yaus' and especially cutie Alexis! But this time, there is one more attraction...their toy poodle Ginger! She looks so cute and fluffy and I just had to see her..

In fact I told some friends that I'm going to HK to see my sis' dog! And they were like: `huh?' lol

Anyway as I don't have that much money actually.. my plan is to do minimal shopping.. well, I know such plans don't always work out but I'll try.

I've already contacted quite a number of friends there and I plan to meet up with as many of them as possible this time.. as some of them I haven't caught up in years..!

After a real hectic 2-3 weeks, I think I do deserve this break.. but the only problem is, there are still some tie-over work that I haven't cleared.. That means straight after I come back, I have to bury myself to clear a few deadlines! Alternatively I'm also considering doing some work there.. just transcribing and stuff..

Wonder when I can have a real work-free holiday!

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