Friday, November 30, 2007

Accident again!! :((

I couldn't believe it happened again!! :((

With the incident in March still fresh in my mind.. I just had another car accident last nite! And again it was my fault.. And again, it involved three cars but this time I was the one in the middle.

I banged into the car in front and seconds later, the car behind crashed into me! Fortunately, for me the damage wasn't that bad - in fact, the back of my car looked unscathed! But unfortunately for the two small cars in front and behind me, their damages were quite bad.

And to think of it, I caused it all.. :((

Ok, confession time.. I think I am NOT a bad driver but I think I can be a reckless one. The cause of the accident - I was replying an SMS (and wasn't very familiar still with my new phone).

I know, I know. I already got scolded by dad and mom. It's dangerous.. but I have been doing that quite often when driving. I am quite a risk taker, and now I've learned my lesson the hard way..

Sigh, all the trouble of making police report, and repairing the car.. probably no more insurance coverage too and I'm so broke!!



SK said...

You reply sms while you're driving and you call that risk-taker?

Excuse me, that's plain ignorant and another not-so-smart act. Hope you really learn your lesson before it's too late, take care!

maycheah said...

Oh nooooo!!!! :(

jesscet said...

SK: you sound like my parents..yes, I have learned my lesson..the berating is probably worst than the accident itself :(

the reason i'm posting this and exposing my folly is also to warn other ppl who sms or call while driving of the impending danger! (you can't deny many ppl do that too)

Evil Edgar(the kellett goblin) said...

I can't believe you crashed your car. How bad at driving can you get?

jesscet said...

Evil Edgar: hmm.. at least i can drive :p yeah well yiyi certainly can be more careful next time!

oh, thanks for playing with Jolly!