Saturday, November 17, 2007

I love my two white `babies'!!

End of the year seems like a perfect excuse to buy yourself new things!? But trust me, I have been thinking of getting a new phone for more than a year and also toying with the idea of getting a new digi-cam. Both my old phone and cam were more than 3-years-old. For the gadget freaks, it's way-past time to update! :p

To avoid repeating my phone-buying misadventure end of last year, I had more or less decided that I would stick to good ol' Nokia (this would be my sixth Nokia phone since I owned a hand phone - ya, i'm that loyal!) To be honest, I never really planned to buy a new phone in HK but after meeting a friend who showed me his 6120C - which has a great combination of the looks-features-and-reasonable price-factor- I thought I really wanted that phone!

I even checked with a friend who worked with Nokia Malaysia the staff price and found it's still a little bit cheaper in HK (with all the free gifts thrown in) - thanks to the weak HK dollars and normal electronic stuff IS cheaper there. So I bought myself the handset in sleek stylish white. ;)

Getting a new phone is nothing to shout about I know.. I never planned to blog about it since I started using it- and still learning its many features- for close to 2 weeks now.

But.. guess what? I acquired a new digital camera yesterday! And it is also in shiny, pearly white! Although the pink one was quite nice too and I had a hard time deciding which colour to get!

There are actually better reasons for me to get a new cameras than a phone. My old camera had some problems. The lens could get stuck. In fact, it wouldn't work just the day before I left for HK so I had to borrow my sis' phone to use there.. Also, the battery compartment clasps - both the bit to hold the battery, and the lid, had broke! So I was using scotch-tape to hold it together.. quite inconvenient and ugly too.

On top of that, I actually NEED to use a camera very often for my work! (yeah sometimes I even get paid for pictures I took in some publications.)

Of course I could get the camera repaired. But it won't be cheap. True enough when I finally brought it to Nikon service centre, I was told there's something wrong with the lens and it could be very pricey to fix it. On top of that I have to leave the camera there for at least 2-3 (or longer) and what would I do if I need to take photos for work?

Actually I also browsed around and was considering buying a camera in HK too. Only problem was $$$. If I buy it back home, I could buy with interest-free instalment using credit card (like how I bought my last camera) but not in HK of course.

Two days ago I saw a Panasonic-Lumix camera promotion going on in Mid Valley. And yep, the camera I wanted is the FX33 which again to me has both the appearance and great features. I did some price and package comparisons at various camera shops in the mall and the next day went back to purchase my new baby!

Somehow if memory serves me right, I am much more enthusiastic about this new digi-cam purchase than the last one. Oh and you're interested to know. This is my 3rd digital camera (only) :p

Looking at all its features, suddenly I feel quite inadequate when faced with what my new `babies' could do! I even think could I be too low-tech for this? Especially the phone which comes with blue-tooth and 3G.. Early I asked someone what does 3G do??

Anyway.. I still think with the prices I paid, they were good buys. Not like things like accessories or even clothes and shoes - I have committed the sin of wasting those products - I have clothes and accessories I bought like years back but not ONCE did I wear them!

But no, my phone and my camera are pretty indispensable tools to me these days.. So I am quite happy but also reminding myself not to spend much on other stuff.. or else I maybe broke for year end!!

p.s. Since my old camera is in workshop. I had to take the photo of my new phone using my camera and then take the camera using my phone!


boo_licious said...

Cool! Can show it to us when we meet up end of this month. I noticed everytime u go HK, u get a new phone! When's Dr D coming home? Would be good to catch up with her and see her kids and hubby!

jesscet said...

not really la..this the 3rd phone i bought there and last one was a `disaster' so to speak!

Still waiting reply from Dr D. Yep, will be great to see her again! :)

Anonymous said...

I got an FX33 for Christmas, and LOVE it. It is the sexiest digi-cam, and the images are surprisingly great for a camera its size. Go for it. The matte black is super-sexy.