Thursday, November 08, 2007

Last couple of hours in HK...

One week has gone.. and in a few hours time I'll be home again!

An Internet addict is always one.. so when I saw a free terminal at Pacific Coffee which I decided to get a cuppa, I instinctively decided to go online. Having neglected my blog for a week, it's about time to update a little!

Well, time does not permit me now to write about my adventures at the Fragrant Harbour. But the main highlights were meeting old friends and became a glutton! Yep, my jeans had gone tighter in one week! :(

Will be taking the express train to the airport in about half an hour time.. one thing about flying.. I feel a lot of time is wasted. Although the travel time is just 3 1/2 hour but today practically the whole day is gone..!?

Felt a bit sad that I did not get to say bye to Alexis.. instead of coming home at noon, the maid took her to see doctor from her school. She has a bit of cough..

Will soon upload pix of kids, friends and Ginger the crazy dog. She is really sweet and cute alright but quite neurotic - hyper-hyper one minute and scatty cat another... very funny. :p

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