Sunday, December 02, 2007

Advent's Thoughts..

Today is the first Sunday of Advent.. Yes, we're into the Christmas seasons!

Not that it needs any reminding. Shopping malls have already hyped it up with fancy decorations and blasting carols in the air.. commercial Christmas is something so BIG that you can't avoid it..

December is also the start of a ultra-busy month - at church and even in the social calendar. Christmas shopping, buying gifts, decorating Christmas Tree, cooking and feasting.. Then in church, we're busy with programs for worship services, carolling, music and drama.. etc etc.. I can see this happening in my own church..we are having many programs including evangelistic Christmas services, which is great to spread the Gospel massage to others.

But sometimes I wonder whether we have become so caught up in the events surrounding Christmas that they overshadow the real purpose of Christmas. Are we so busy in organising a birthday party - to make it exciting and grand for the guests that we neglect the birthday boy?

There needs to be a balance drawn.. though it's not easy. For we are influenced by the world, and the expectations of people. I can't help but be cynical at times. Yes, Christmas is the time of `giving and sharing', but it becomes so cliche these days. Christmas always has that nice warm and fuzzy feelings attached, it is the perfect excuse to have a good time.. And thus we enjoy our Christmas trees, carols and shopping and admiring beautiful Christmas decorations in the malls.. I am guilty of this too..

No, I'm not the Grinch nor am I anti-Christmas.

But perhaps, for those of us who know the true meaning of Christmas, it's a time that we can pause, pray and ponder. A
nd ask our Lord how He would like us to commemorate His birth... rather than again, getting carried away and let this Christmas pass by as just another holiday season..

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