Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Singing Birthday Treat! ;)

Yes, I love singing.. so it's great to be able to lung it out on my birthday!! Though as I looked through the song list, I discovered how backdated I am these days with new songs.. I only know of songs that are more than 10 years old.. esp. those in the 80s.

Oh, it was quite fun discovering what songs we know and like to sing.. including some rather unexpected choices!? ;)

We sang quite a lot, and was trying to cram in more songs in the last minutes.. we thought we had to leave by 10pm but a few of us sang on till 11pm and they didn't cut us off!

Thank you, my friends for a wonderful time! We should do this more often!! :D

Oh, and the presents I got. The bouquet was really a pleasant surprise - all the way my friends in Belgium.. So sweet of them. :)

p.s. I must admit that I was really dreading my birthday to come this year.. About two months ago I already hope that time would stop! Why? just say I'm afraid of getting old, and trust me, mine is a rather BIG number. But somehow when it was getting nearer to my birthday, it became `easier' and have more or less come to term with it.. I mean, you can't change anything can you? so might as well just accept it and enjoy the day! So that's what I did finally! ;) And I just want to thank the Lord for so much blessings in my life.. that I know I shouldn't take it for granted..


Lim Chang Moh said...

Hi Jesset,
A Happy Belated Birthday to to you! And with this, a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year 2008!

The pictures are great. You must be having a good time. Take care...

Chipmunkrock said...

haha i thought you'll be making special mention of mic hoggers, closet singers and that special song of the night ;)

jesscet said...

chang moh: thanks! and a merry christmas and happy new year to you and your family too! see u around! :)

chipmunkrock: haha! just don't wanna embarrass anyone after all this blog is public.. but now that u mention, they know who they are ;)

Anonymous said...

...lookin good. happy belated birthday