Saturday, December 29, 2007

Last hair do of the year..

I interrupt my new year reflection/resolution posts to do the last `narcissist' post of 2007.

Ok, I know I just had a hair do - cut and colour- before my birthday (I didn't post pix here but in my Facebook profile) and expected it to last me at least till CNY. I was actually quite happy with the cut but it was short lived!

Woe to my natural wavy and coarse hair and the deteriorating texture no thanks to the chemicals piled on over the years.. my hair was becoming too dry, too hard and the ends were sticking out! In short, it was almost unmanageable, not mentioning unsightly! (just look at this `before' pix)

I then remember my hairdresser did warn me that if I cut it short, it would be too thick and frizzy and I probably need to rebond it..

Then on Christmas day, after seeing how nice a friend's hair looked like after she relaxed (a mild form of rebonding) it, I decided to do the same to mine.. It was a necessity, not a luxury!

I haven't done rebonding/relaxing for more than 2 years at least.. yes, it's quite costly, even more than colouring. And the result? My straightened hair feels so much smoother and softer. Ok, it does look a bit flat for I had it cut not long ago.. but my hairdresser assured me that in weeks to come, there will be more body. And from my past experience with rebonding/relaxing, I know how long it could last and my hair would still look good in a long while.. So I take this as a `longer-term' investment.

However, I didn't get much positive feedbacks - no negative either as people are too polite. Mom commented that the style doesn't really suit me. Well, I kinda agree but that was like the only solution.. unless I cut my hair real short!

So I won't say I love it but at least it's much neater and manageable.. Whatever it is, hair will grow and so the style will change with time.

Self taken photos - yes, both front and back of my hair ;)

p.s. what do you think? The pix was taken after a long tiring day so I know I looked tired..

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