Monday, December 17, 2007

a thanksgiving dinner..

On Dec 20 last year, two of my friends were badly injured from a car accident.. the car was totally wrecked and they were fortunate to have cheated death, but they had to go through multiple surgeries and hospitalisation, and prolonged treatment and physiotherapy. It was a traumatic and very challenging time for them...

Fortunately now one year later, Pat and Tesa have recovered well enough to function almost normally. At the one-year accident anniversary, they had decided to host a thanksgiving dinner - to thank all their friends for their help and support, and also, to give thanks to God for His blessings and love.

I was honoured to be their emcee for this special evening, held last Saturday at a hotel. Besides inviting about seven tables of their friends, they have also invited some children from a handicapped home who gave two dance performances. The guests were encourage to donate to the home rather then giving the hosts any gifts..

Pat and Tesa giving a moving and heartfelt speech. There was also a slide presentation that had pictures of the accidents and their recovery process.

The dinner was also a time to catch up with our common friends..
With some of the people at the main table - among whom are Mr&Mrs Yong and Siew Yean who were present at the accident scene and helped Pat and Tesa.

With old friends Kington, Faith and their younger son Luke

My table who consisted of our secondary school friends from boarding school.

Towards the end of the dinner, Tesa gave a beautiful rendition of two Chinese numbers (the pix turned out too dark) After which, I kicked off the karaoke session with the song `Hero' to dedicate to my two friends..

So my dear friends, I'm glad that you've both recovered well and I thank God for your testimonies, and also for an inspiring and meaningful evening.. :)


Weng-Soon said...

didn't celebrate ur bday?

jesscet said...

weng-soon: oh i am surprised you keep track of my birthday? i did had a good birthday.. but too busy to blog about it.. maybe later!! :p

Weng-Soon said...

2 reasons.
1) it's public knowledge
2) u r 3rd person i know who shares the same birthday as me