Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Carless :(

Careless = Carless

After going to the police station thrice since the accident last week (to lodge report, meet sargent, pay summon and collect report), today I sent my battered car to the workshop.

It will take quite a while - for the insurance company to process the claims, to buy the spare-parts etc.. The workshop guy said on average it takes about 3 weeks.

Sigh...no car for 3 weeks. Hopefully can get it back before the new year! But fortunately I can borrow mom's car.. we just have to share.

My poor car.. it was having some internal problems too! overheating (no water) and leaking motor oil too.. must be due to the impact from the accident. It was badly hurt a few months ago and now had to endure another bout of injuries.. :(

Have decided that one of my new year resolutions for 2008 is to drive carefully and hope it will be an accident-free year!!

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