Monday, December 24, 2007

Feasting & Fun Week!

It's already Christmas eve!!

It's unbelievable that time passes so scarily fast..! Chinese New Year seemed to have passed not long ago.. but it's coming again in just one month-and-a-bit!

It has been an eventful week.. I could have put up another 3-4 posts but alas, am getting a bit lazy these days.. or maybe my time to blog has been taken up by other things.. So here's a rather brief account of my feasting and party week! ;)

On Monday, dad and mom treated me for my birthday dinner at Max Kitchen & Wine. I've read a few rave reviews from some food blogs so I decided to try it out! The starters were excellent, so was the dessert. But somehow the mains weren't as good as we expected, especially my Tenderloin steak which was a bit bland in taste and not so good in texture. Dad's lamb cutlets were pretty tasty and succulent but the sauce a tad sweet. Mom's cod was prepared with much Chinese cooking influence.. pretty good. Anyway, the impeccable service had more or less made up for it.. and the ambience was charming, cosy and casual at the same time.. We had a lovely time :)

I actually took lots of pix of the food - had in mind to do a food post. But a Flogger I'm not as I've forgotten to even take down the names of the dishes.. ! :p

Our small gang from college finally managed to meet up on Wednesday after a few attempts.. yeah, most of them are real busy career women! So it meant a joint birthday dinner for two of us. Our culinary expert friend chose Vintry at Damansara, which is also a wine cellar, and it was really bustling! We ended up having a 4 1/2 hour dinner - as our most busy workaholic friend was 2 hour late.. and our first order took a long time to come! The restaurant specialised in pork so we had roast pork starter and pork burger with blue cheese. We ended up opening two bottles of wine, and I ended up drinking more than any of them.. and we finished off with cheese platter and lovely Tiramisu cake from Just Heavenly.. I was SO stuffed!

My friends are all camera shy so here're the only two pix I took of the night! (didn't take food pix)

Then on Friday was our peer group's Christmas celebration - this time it was at a friend's house. It was a pot-luck style buffet spread. The host had already prepared quite a few dishes and each of the Bible Study group also brought additional ones.. I think my group had the most variety! I made potato salad and tomato salsa salad - both tried and tested! :p I think there were easily more than 30 different starters, mains and desserts! But of course the highlight was not merely food but our gift-exchange with a difference - where one can `covet' another person's gift! It was kinda fun but most people were either too polite or just not greedy at all.. ;) We also sang a few carols and the rest of the evening was free and easy..

Oh, another highlight for me was playing with my friend's two dogs - Cotton and Sugar! Cotton is white - spitz mixed while Sugar is a miniature schnauzer just like Jelly! Except she's petite and slim.. (unlike my big fat Jelly) They're so cute!! and I couldn't resist asking my friend to take a pix of me and Sugar. I forgot to bring my camera - thus lack of pix - but good thing my friend did bring.

Of course Christmas is just around the corner and the feasting won't stop yet.. some sneak `preview': I'll be cooking a Western Christmas eve dinner for the family - Gotta go food shopping and then be the chef of the day! The next day, there's a annual Christmas party at my friend's house and the spread is lovely..

Gosh, really have to watch my diet soon... but making it a New Year resolution won't be easy for CNY is coming soon!! Argh!! : o

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