Thursday, December 06, 2007

Meet My Daemon

I must say I am pretty captivated by `The Golden Compass' - which I watched at a media preview. I think it has to do with the animals in it..

Not having read the book, I must say I enjoyed the movie - it's creativity and fantasy to a new level, and quite touching at parts. Being an animal lover, I just couldn't' help but be enchanted by the Daemons (the soul of a human being which takes the form of an animal.. and it's always besides you). Oh, and also the gallant ice bears of course..

It is always more heartwarming when the protagonist in a child.. Lyra is super cool, and yes, I love especially her daemon Pan(Pantalamoin) which takes many forms.

No, I am not reviewing the movie.. this post has no spoilers. In fact, thanks to Liz's blog I discovered an interesting test from the movie website called `Meet Your Daemon' - yep, just answer 20 questions truthfully and then it will tell you what is your Daemon!

Presenting to you my Daemon - Pereus

For those of you who know me, you can help to determine whether it matches me by answering a few questions. After 12 days, my daemon will settle into its final form.
Try it out for yourself.. let me know what's yours!

Oh, after watching the movie, I had this candid thought that Jelly is like my little Daemon in a way. She follows me everywhere, literally. Only thing is she can't speak. :p

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cyber-red said...

oo oo shall take the quiz too!