Friday, October 27, 2006

It's THE day!!

FINALLY, the time's arrived!

Yep, today is Oct 27 - - my last day of work at a company that I've been in since Sept 15 1994.

I have just a bit more work to complete since my ed requested I do advance..hmm.. and then just pack-up the last bits of stuff.. I've already been packing up in stages over the week..brought back one or two small boxes and folders. But most things went into the bin. As I went though the stuff that i've accumulated over these last 12 years... press releases of noteworthy assignments, booklets, photos, CDroms, draft of research and work, letters and cards, pay slips from way back (what, I earned so little then? but not so much now too!) etc.. etc.. , and gosh, the sense of nostalgia was quite overwhelming.

Many of these I've kept either they're quite useful so just in case I might need it, or simply, I wanted to keep them for memory sake..

Anyhow, I ended up throwing more than three-quarter of the stuff - filled up all the bins around, and brought about quarter back.. But one day, I know they would probably go into the bin too..

So this will be the LAST day! quite unbelievable as it finally comes.. In a way, I am glad that there was the 2-months notice period to get me prepared and the reality of no longer with this paper/company sink in.. Feeling nostalgic aside, the feelings of joy, happiness and relief is even stronger! And yes, I know it's definitely for the better! :D

I will be surrendering my compaq laptop that was once stolen (loaned by the company and now in disastrous condition after me using it for five years) and the company tag. But will keep the expired gov press tag as souvenir.

A photo for memory sake...btw, we're no longer part of the company stated there- and it's my 3rd or 4th tag as the previous ones got snapped!


May said...

You look so fresh-faced and innocent! Wonder if you'll be teary-eyed by the end of the day... check with you later!

J said...

Last day of work is always a bittersweet experience....

Hope yours went well.

GC said...

I KNEW this article would come eventhough I haven't been reading your blog lately. Half-anticipating, i logged in today, and I hit jackpot with the
subject header IT'S THE DAY, which is rather apt, knowing that everything was counting down to this moment.
To lend a dramatic effect, you even uploaded pictures of your journalist tag, like some detective story, where the good cop throws his badge on the table, when the police chief refuse to see things his way.
Well, you situaton is not too far away, as you quit your decade-long job to make a stand against how your stories are edited, and that the new product, does not make any journalistic sense to you anymore.
Well, as in the movies, the good cop always win, by solving the case, in his/her own way.
I wish you luck and a positive outcome as the adventure continues in your fight for justice. The story usually sizzles at this stage, before reaching the climatic end. I will be reading your blog. Until then KEEP ON WRITING.

jesscet said...

may: fresh-faced/innocent? hehe.. hope i dont look that old now. Nah, nothing sad nor emotional.. as the feeling of happiness/relief/excitement was far stronger!

j: thanks, yep it went well.. managed to finish everything by 5:30pm

gc: hey, thanks for your long and thoughtful comment... yep, i WILL definitely keep writing on :)