Sunday, July 02, 2006

Early Riser Losing Steam...

So there it is... four European countries are fighting to obtain the highest accolade in football - The World Cup champiion trophy.

Just realised something quite scary... Think I have been too excited and involved over the cup at the earlier stages and now I'm actually losing steam! I am not that excited afterall for the semi-finals and final itself next weekend!

Yes, the Argentines are out (sob sob) thanks to a cruel penalty shot. But on the other hand, Italy is still in - playing against Germany come early Tuesday morning. And although I support the Azzurries, I don't know whether they have beaten Germany if Argentina couldn't. But again they are of different style of playing.

I have been getting up early for the last few mornings. I couldn't sleep late at night anymore. Last night I only watched the first 15 minutes of the England game and I was dozing off already..

So I practically missed two important matches and found out the result early morning. For the France vs Brazil match, I was up at 4:45am for nature's call and turned on the tv and saw France leading and watched till the match ended.

Early riser has something else to do this morning. For the first time a long long time (excluding when I'm on worship duty) I never went to the early morning (8:45am) service. But I did so this morning and dragged dad along too! I felt fresh.. church was much less bustling and you feel the day is still long.

It is also the start of our church's Mission Month. There will lots of activities and events as well as the challenge to be more mission minded.

Feeling a bit sleepy now.. thinking of taking a nap cos also had a heavy lunch. Sigh, the break is coming to an end. I'm to go back to work tomorrow. Hope I have enough energy to work full day.

Enough rambling for this post. Am going to turn off my PC now... zzzzzzzzz

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