Thursday, July 13, 2006

Have I Neglected my Jojo? :(

Last night, I was `lepaking' at my PC again (as usual) and ended up browsing the archive of my blog. Then I realised how much I used to blog about my two Js - Jojo and Jelly - in the early days of `Jess' two Js'. And then gradually I deviated and talked about everything else about my life...

I guess it is hard to keep on blogging on my dogs though I love them dearly. But what also `scared' me a bit was I realise I have NOT talked about them at all in the July 2006 archive! Ok, it's barely half way through the month but I think World Cup had been the predominant subject.. but now that the Cup is well and over, albeit me suffering some withdrawal syndrome, I think I should go back to my blog theme.

Yes, I have something on my mind to blog about on my dog Jojo.

I really think my darling Goldie has been kinda neglected over many months :( I feel bad. The thing is, Jelly is always in the house and she would always be in my room. Where as Jojo is now an outdoor dog and i really had not enough time spent with him.

Jojo was our first dog since moving here and I invested so much of my time, energy and love on him..We also went through a very tough period of his disobedient (which all were blogged here) but now he's improved so so much..

Yet, with Jelly around, I think I have not been fair in terms of the time spent with them.. and I want to change that..

I felt really bad last night because as I stroked his fur at
the back, i realised that much of it was tangled!! Yeah, I have forgotten to comb his fur for a few weeks now I think! 'Cos his fur is relatively shorter than Jelly, after showering, I would always remember to brush Jelly's hair - if not, I would ask my maid to do so. But Jojo.. poor thing, I thought he is groom-free, but not really.. So I spent some good time combing his fur last nite and yeah, much of it dropped but I was told that new fur always comes out to replace the old ones.. At least now Jojo's fur is neat and smooth.. sigh.

He has been quite manja with me lately.. I think he really misses me and craves for my attention. Although he is cheeky and loves to escape outside, everytime when i come home, he would rather wait for me than rush out the gate now. He wants my affection and wants to play with me.. When I play with him, he jumps on me eagerly and lean his huge body against mine.. Gosh, he seems starved of affection..?

My friend and fellow blogger Lynn had recently lost her dog - who is well past 14 years-old. That suddenly reminded me the years our dogs have with us are numbered. I must make good use of the time Jojo and Jelly have with us. Jojo is three only but he would go one day.. and I really dread the thought of that.. I don't want to regret then that I should have treated him better and spent more time with him.

To think of it, I barely spend 10 minutes a day with him now.. with my busy schedule.
That's NOT enough and I MUST change that!

Which makes me feel like going down to see him just before I sleep.. and I'm going down now..


Lucas Chong said...

so touching. yeah...give more attention and affection to jojo since jelly is the indoor dog.

boo_licious said...

yeah, better take care of jojo. Hey, read some interesting's the link for you to digest it.

jesscet said...

boo: yes, i read that incidentally. interesting stuff but i feel my ex-editor likes to stir things up la. well, for good or for bad!

littleguybigkitchen said...

dogs r man's best fren. my point is, they're best frens. all the cuddling and close affectionate makes your whole day filled with joy. sometimes we forgot abt them. we forgot abt frens most of the time. cherish wat u have now :)