Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hopeless Packer

That's me! Can't believe I had to go through much trouble and deliberations just to decide what clothes to pack for my three-day trip!

Oh, and I haven't come to the toiletriess part yet.. sigh.

I know, it's just for three days and all I need to do is to throw in some casual clothes. How difficult can that be? But no.. for me, I need to go through all my t-shirts (there're tonnes and tonnes of them), my shorts, three-quarter pants, jeans and then then shortlist a few pieces of my favourites.. mix and match, compare and deliberate ...

Ok, so most of the time, no, make it every time, I end up taking too much clothings when I travel.

Anyway, not to go into too much details. I have finally decided on my clothes and promptly put them inside my small suitcase. I am not going to maul over it again.

I shall now go to my toilettries. And that aint much easier too consider I have to pack light all my bottles of skincare, bath products etc..

Ok, I confess, I don't consider myself a seasoned traveller though I had travelled quite a fair bit. And travelling light is NEVER my forte. :p

Better get back to the packing.. see you all in a few days time!

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littleguybigkitchen said...

Hi! Have a nice holiday. :) Safe journey! Bye! See you in a few days time okie... Hehe...