Saturday, July 22, 2006

I Need a Holiday and I'm Going on One!! :)

Amidst the overwhelming busyness and `excitement' (read: stresses) at work place, a break is always welcome.

So that's what I'm going to do - after all, this short holiday has been planned since the beginning of the year!

From next Wednesday to Saturday, I will be going to Siem Reap, Cambodia, for a vacation and yeah, you bet I'm looking forward to it.

It all happened one night over Yahoo IM when Lynn and I decided there and then to book flight to somewhere near with Air Asia since it was having those cheap promotional rates. My first choice would be Bali but Lynn prefered to go Cambodia and I didn't mind since I also love to visit the grand temples of Angkor Wat.

It seemed the trip was so far away then but now it's just around the corner! We have also booked our accommodation online - comparing a host of nice little hotels, and then even got ourselves transport (tutut) booked as well!

I almost had a fit when I found out a month ago that all our leaves have been frozen! But of course I was not going to let that stop me so I went straight to the big boss and wrote a long letter.. and thankfully, my leave was approved. After all it's only three days and it won't jeopardise my work.

Back to Siem Reap. Hmm.. actually my knowledge of the place is really minimal. Have only heard of Angkor Wat but there are many other places of interests! I didn't even know there are many more `little angkor wat temples'... of course they have their own names! :p

Was told to expect hot weather.. but I hope it will stay dry most of the time. A couple of friends were there a month back and it rained. Anyway, the weather here is so dreay and clouded by haze.. so don't mind a change!

But it's somehow untimely (or fortunately, if you look at it the other way) that this holiday comes during a `crisis period' at work. The situation is getting from bad to worse.. everyone is disgruntled and disillusioned with the way things are run. We thrashed things out in our department's meeting on Friday and now, a meeting will be scheduled with the big bosses on Monday evening.. hope we will come to some solutions.

Argh! I was supposed to blog about my coming holiday and I brought in work again! Anyway, I am planning to finish all my work as fast as I can, so I can come home early on Tuesday to prepare for the early flight the next morning!

Can't wait...! I really need a holiday! And I think this is gonna be fun and exciting! :)


boo_licious said...

Have lots of fun. Guess we will have to meet up after u get back as Ms. C has gone to BKK for her shopping trip with Ms. P.

jesscet said...

yah i know! lets meet up on one of the week nights befor she leaves.. she's leaving on aug 4 right?

Lucas Chong said...

a trip off work is refreshing. a very good plan. never thought og going to cambodia until you mentioned it. it looks like an indianna jones adventure trip to me. looking forward for one too...over here. enjoy yourself and please don't bring your work stresses along. peace. =)

jesscet said...

thanx! ;) yep, will leave all my work stresses back here!

babe_kl said...

enjoy yr holiday!

jesscet said...

babe: thanks! i think i will! :)