Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I Did It!

To the faithful Jess' 2 Js readers (don't know how many there are actually :p) you might remember I was dropping hints about changes in my job... Well here it is, I could at least come out in the open although the result is unknown yet.

I did it! I've applied to be transferred from the (new) Malay Mail to New Straits Times' Life&Times desk. Or rather, I appeled to do so because there is no `application' for such a post.

Yes, you can say I'm not happy with the direction the paper is going. With due respect, I really couldn't see myself identfying with the product I am working on. I feel what I write is limited and the target audience is towards the young group only...

Anyway, the style of this paper is nothing I can change but I can change where I want to work. Having been around this company for 12 years now. Although I have no problem with the bosses and most of the colleaques save one rude freak, I don't like keep doing the same glamour entertainment and just lifestyle features. I want to take my journalistic horizon a step further. I have social issues that I want to address.. and in a way I am quite tired of entertainment only although it is fun.

I thought for some time that I would like to be in the Life&Times feature desk, especially after I befriended its editor, a wonderful and nice woman.

So more than a week back, I approached her and told her of my intention. She encouraged me and said she would love to have me working with her especially the fact that I know Chinese helps. She then asked me to speak with the NST group editor. And that I did two days later and again , he assured me there's no problem taking me in BUT, yes BUT, he can't ask the MM side to release me, I have to `fight' for it so to speak. And once I get released, I could join them any time!

As I was about to tell my editor/COO of this, suddenly I got a message that my leave has been granted! Big deal? well yes because apparently all the staff in MM have their leave frozen. (And the incredulous thing is there wasn't even a memo on it but through word of mouth!) Well, I have written to appel for my leave since I've already paid for my holiday to Cambodia end of July and the boss has now approved it. I was happy and I didn't want to straight away tell him about me wanting out. So I waited.

But I have told my immediate boss and he did ask me to wait for two months, saying that things are changing with the paper. But you know what? my heart is no longer with MM already. How much can you change it?

Finally today, I saw the big boss sitting in his room at 3pm. I couldn't wait no more. I went in and told him about it. And his first reply was (with a smile): `I don't think there is such a thing as transfer'.

I didn't give up of course and asked whether I should write in to which he said yes. I told him I will pass a letter to him tomorrow but since I have done my work for the day, I wrote the letter on my laptop, and printed it out. Got it ammended a bit by a trusted colleague.

By then the boss was at a meeting so I just left it at his desk. Yeah, I did pray before and after.
I don't know what the decision will be but I trust in God's guidance. But to be honest, if I were him and after reading that rather `honest' letter of mine, I would let this writer out.

After all, if her heart is no longer with the paper, what's the use of keeping her here?

Of course, it is not without challenge if I go to NST. For one, the working hours will be much stricter. But I kinda like that. It will help to change my owl-like sleeping habit for the better...

Who knows, maybe in time to come, I would no longer be branded as a nocturnal creature!


babe_kl said...

wish you the best of luck ;-)

jesscet said...

thanks.. will need it. btw, don't forget to buy the coming weekend mail for your contribution! ;)

Lucas Chong said...

all the best ya! may the light be with you and shine on your path! =)