Tuesday, July 11, 2006

'Tis my last WC post

Here ends my pseudo World-Cup blog that lasted a good month.

And what a way to end it, by missing the Finals live! Argh! Guess I would have to live with it my whole life..

Looks like many of us, me included, would be suffering from `World Cup withdrawal syndrome' - or post-World Cup blues.. Like just now, it's quite funny, three of us gals - lynn, may and myself - who had dinner and then caught a movie (Superman Returns) were typical examples of that. Beside's talking of Lynn's dog that just died the day earlier, our topics constantly came back to World Cup - on the various matches and the players.. and gosh we had so much to say! Yeah, who said WC is just a men's game? ;)

And earlier back in office, my footie colleague Terrina and i too could not help but discussed the match that I watched late. And needless to say I got the `what-la' look when I entered the office (for sleeping through the Final) but then when we talked of the game, it was as if we're still in the midst of it..!

Ahh... I already miss World Cup already and it's barely 24 hours later.. If only they are playing the Final now.. I am now wide awake ready to watch!

Anyway, FIFA World Cup 2006 will be one of my favourite World Cup ever. You can't deny it has many exciting matches. And at the end, for the first time, the team I have supported since 1990 had won!

FORZA ITALIA!!! Long lives The Azzurri!

Final note: I predict and back Argentina to lift the world cup on African soil in 2010. We shall see.. but wonder whether this blog will last that long...


Lucas Chong said...

i miss world cup like you have stated. sigh...

to me, 2010, i still want italy to win! hehe =)

keep your blog up! ok?

jesscet said...

i don't mind italy to win again but lets give the Argies a chance since they won twice and they are good! ;)

yeah, am addicted to blogging.. thanks for the support!